Meet the Sponsor: Why Wearable Tech Matters for Women

Suzanne EL-Moursi was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt where she was inspired by the experiences, people, and places she encountered. She had a keen interest in the intersection of technology and design and now, as creative director for smart jewelry brand Mira, Suzanne has led the brand’s successful redesign and is building a creative team comprised of content strategists, editors, UX designers and industrial designers, all passionate about women’s wellness and empowerment to live healthier lives. She's also a full-time mother and fashion enthusiast and we're thrilled she's found the time to come speak about her experience as a speaker and sponsor at #createcultivateCHI! Read on to learn more about Mira and this wonder woman behind the brand.

Mira is creating a line of wearable tech specifically for women. How does your product differ from offerings already in the market today?

Suzanne: We sought to create a product particularly for women because it’s important that technology fits in with her life and addresses the unique challenges she faces to fit more activity into her day. We’re creating a line of modular smart jewelry that’s versatile and beautiful. We’re looking to design products that can be taken apart, paired with different form factors, and offering customers the opportunity to make something their own. Our product is not one-size-fits-all. It comes in three different sizes and two colors that can fit a variety of styles, body types, skin tones, and lifestyles. We want our customer to have color options to keep it fresh. Our app is also unique in its friendly, approachable voice and tone because we believe it’s important to be a partner in the wellness journey.


Why are women-focused tech products important?

Women are completely under-served in the wearables category.  We’ve found that women are willing to invest in products that are versatile and beautiful and that’s why, at Mira, we’re thinking about wearables as an accessory for her wardrobe, not just a fitness tracker that counts steps. Other companies aren’t connecting the dots that wellness doesn’t just mean fitness, and that it has to work with your personal style, too. It shouldn’t just be about marketing products to women by making the band pink. Smartwatches with large faces, or activity trackers with rubber bands, don’t accommodate smaller wrists and indicate that the devices were designed by teams of men with men in mind. At the same time, women still want to be able to see a display. To address this, we’re designing smart jewelry that really works for women throughout her whole day, from the office to the gym to date night. We believe that for our product to cause a change in behavior and help her add more activity to her busy life, she needs to be capturing the entire picture of her day.

Mira has done a lot of research to inform its design, have you been surprised by any of the findings?

Every woman is different—so we are never done asking women what they want in their smart jewelry. Across the board, women care about their health and we want to honor that with a product that helps them reach those goals. It’s not just about fitness or weight loss, it’s about the whole wellness picture. We’re also finding that community is a really important aspect to women in their journey. They want to share and support each other and celebrate their accomplishments.


What health and wellness challenges is Mira solving?

We all have unique wellness goals, but the challenges—finding time between all the other priorities—are the same. Whether you’re interested in daily step count or calorie burn or a yogi or a runner, our app is designed to fit into your daily life. Our tracker can be removed from the bracelet and clipped to clothing for times when the bracelet isn’t ideal. The more you wear Mira, the more our app gets to know you and understand your habits so that it can deliver targeted, personalized insights and “boosts” to help you increase your activity level. Our research has shown that most women are looking for fresh ideas to mix up their daily routines, the content within our app gives specific tips on how you can keep reaching your goals.

We also really want to change the dialogue around women’s wellness, and what it means to be healthy. There are few companies out there celebrating various body shapes and sizes, so we’re trying to disrupt the body negativity mindset and use content to inspire and empower women to feel their best.


How has working for Mira affected your personal wellness routines?

I get up every morning really excited to come into work, and I believe that loving what you do is part of the wellness equation. I’ve also found that my personal wellness is very much tied to the people I work with and to family and friends. You need people in your life that support you on your journey. Everyone at Mira approaches their wellness differently and it’s exciting to see our diverse team really excited about encouraging others in their wellness journey.


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