Get Psyched: 5 Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Mantras

Last week when we were watching the VMAs, one moment stood out to us more than any others—and no, it wasn't one of Miley's outfits. Instead, it was when Demo Lovato told herself "I am enough" right before going on stage for her rockstar performance. We've all had those moments—where we need a little extra encouragement—which was why it was so refreshing to see that huge pop stars have them, too. In solidarity with Demi, we tapped five of our favorite female entrepreneurs to tell us what they tell themselves when the going gets rough.

"Find the beauty."

I work on so many different projects and in so many different fields that I had to learn early in life to make every single thing around me beautiful. 

Veronica Valencia, The Design Hunters 

"Be appreciative."

Everyday I always remind myself to show appreciation to everyone I interact with, whether it's someone who works for me or someone I take a meeting with. Showing a kindness and especially gratitude always goes such a long way. Making someone feel good about an accomplishment definitely adds positivity to an ordinary day! 

Julianne Goldmark, Co-Founcer Emi-Jay, Inc. 

"You don't get ahead by playing it safe."

Take risks, but be ready to live with the repercussions as plans do backfire. Innovation means it's never been done before. Of course you have no idea what you're doing, just don't let anyone else know. 

Rachel Tipograph, Founder & CEO MikMak 

"I love you."

It’s one of the only things that puts it all in perspective for me. At the end of the day (or beginning or middle), if I can say “I love you” to myself and mean in it, nothing else really matters.

Emily Greener, Co-Founder/CEO I Am That Girl

"Life is all about taking risks, and how boring would it be to live a life where you weren't doing things that terrified you and took you way out of your element?" 

This is what I tell myself when I'm psyching myself up for a big project, TV appearance or speaking engagement. Then it's pretty easy to remember why I do what I do, no matter how many freakin' butterflies I have in my stomach. 

Jordan, The Balanced Blonde

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