Style Guides: The Minimalist Modernist Jayne Min

It's been said that "Good clothes open all doors," and perhaps no one knows this to be true more than the entrepreneur—which is why we're kicking off Style Guides, our new series on women who've merged business and fashion sense to build seriously stylish careers. These icons understand that personal style is a lot more than just what you put on in the morning. Rather, it's how you present yourself, define your brand and stand out in a crowded space. So stop, look and listen.—PRESENTED BY TOPSHOP

Our obvious first choice to profile was Jayne Min. After starting her career in streetwear, Jayne captured a loyal following through her blog, Stop It Right Now, where she showed off her monochrome color palette, a knack for pairing high-end labels with skate sneakers, and a fluid androgyny that was the epitome of tomboy chic.  Now, she works on both sides of the camera creative directing, styling, designing, and then some for brands such as Stella McCartney, Moda Operandi, Calvin Klein and Marni. We caught up with Jayne, gave her a few pieces from Topshop, and she gave us a piece of her mind.


Wearing: Topshop white cropped trousers & funnel neck top

What are the first 3 apps you check in the morning (in order)? 

Mail, Calendar, Notifications 

What's next on your to-do list?

Volunteering at shelters!

What’s your earliest internet memory?

AOL chat rooms

What was a breakthrough moment in your career?

In my design career, finally designing at my teenhood dream skate company (Emerica). In my internet career, being featured in Vogue for the first time in the September issue 2012.

You've been granted a 2-week, all expenses paid vacation: Where do you go?

I would either do a Europe tour of London, Berlin, Antwerp, Copenhagen; an Asia tour of Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong; or go with my dad to climb Kilimanjaro again.

Who would be your dream person to call up for business advice and why?

Not specifically for business but for general career and family balance advice, probably Phoebe Philo. Obviously she's widely loved for her designs, but I admire and respect her as a working family woman. It's aspirational.

"I admit I've pushed it a few times wearing bathrobes around the office."

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What's your go-to look on the job? Off-duty?

Comfort is everything, on and off duty. I've been fortunate to have had a career that didn't require me to have a separate work closet. Being a designer in the skate apparel industry, I was always free to wear whatever I wanted. I admit I've pushed it a few times wearing bathrobes around the office. AC in the workplace is a serious issue. You'll rarely ever catch me in a skirt.

Any words of advice for fellow creative hustlers? 

Have respect for your profession and take the time to learn the craft and learn from and respect your predecessors. And never think you're above anything.

3 most-used emojis?

Heart, Devil, Poop

Photos by Calvin Lim, @killacalshoots 

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