Links We Love: Sexist News, The End of Vine & a Few LOLs

Take a read and then call your mom. She misses you. 

In news you already knew: cable news has a terrible prob with sexism

This company keeps you warm. It also has onsite child care, paid parental leave, and 100% mom retention. 

According to Glassdoor, if you want work/life balance these are the best jobs. 

Brand bravo. Secret releases a powerful #stresstest ad about what it means to be a woman

The life and death of a social media platform. The Vine climbs no longer. RIP. 

Find out why this WOC landed on the cover of Marvel. 

A good example on how to write a cover letter.  (Just in case you want to work through the weekend.) 

Want a 23-minute ritual that will transform your entire day? Right this way. 

For some EL OH ELs this Halloween weekend. This is too real.  Be safe out there kids. 

Miss Iceland was body shamed. So she did this

It's very useful to be bilingual. 

The wait is almost over.  Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix Nov. 25. Drink lots of coffee this weekend in celebration.