Your #CreateCultivateATL Packing List

As we prep for Create & Cultivate ATL, we want to make sure you're locked and loaded for the big day, and that includes all the things that you should bring on-site! While you'll be walking out more than what you came with (both knowledge and swag-wise), there will be a few things that you will need to make sure to bring to make the most out of your day!

Conference Badge & Federal-Issued ID

If you have been sent your conference badge last month, you're going to want to keep it in a safe spot! Make sure to bring your badge along with a federal-issued photo ID when you come to Mason Fine Art for a speedy entrance.

If you haven't received your badge, don't fret. Your badge will be available at registration, but make sure to have your photo ID for pick-up!

Dress To Impress

Not only is Create & Cultivate one of the most visually-stunning conferences around town, but our attendees are the best dressed in town as well! Make sure to grab the amazing #OOTD, because you never know, you might just end up in our OOTD roundup after the conference! (Check out some past OOTD inspo here.)

iPhone + Charger

This is not the time to forget your phone or run out of battery, and while you might think this never happens, it does. Double check your bag before you leave your hotel. You don't want to miss out on Tweeting amazing soundbites from panels, snapping the best shots from the conference, and even miss grabbing a selfie with one of your favorite speakers. (Although if you do forget your camera, there will be charging stations on site for you because we've got your back like that.

Business Cards

Create & Cultivate offers you the perfect chance to network with fellow attendees and speakers, and a lot of collaborations were born out of meeting at Create & Cultivate from our past attendees. Want to make a lasting impression on those that you meet? Make sure to have your business cards on deck and nurture those relationships into what could be the next big collaboration born out of Create & Cultivate!