Links We Love: 2016 Was Just a Bunch of Highs and Lows

This week you might have been a little distracted by the little notifications that someone you follow is trying out Instagram Live. You might have even caught us for a while too, but we hope we didn't distract you too much from the important things, including some of this week's top headlines. 


Award season is right around the corner. Take your picks for who will win a Golden Globe.

Under Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue is stepping up their editorial content 2000% and speaking on the issues affecting this country. This piece by Laura Duca is one of them. 

Black Girl Magic does it once again: Read Michelle Obama's interview by Zendaya.

Greenery is in the horizon for 2017.

So let's get that money, honey.

Wonder Woman got fired as a UN Ambassador. Was it right?

The emotional (and physical) rollercoasters that are our cycles, narrowed down in two minutes.

Along with all the highs and lows for tech for 2016.

Get rid of the cliché new year's resolutions. Set your intentions right.

Traveling for the holidays next week? Here's some podcasts to keep you entertained.

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