Dress The Part: Corporate, Startup, or Freelance?

Office culture has changed a lot of the years, and it’s left some of us a tad bit stumped on how to dress. #help. Just when does one wear a power suit? And what’s the deal with casual Fridays, when jeans have become an every day part of the work week? You’ve got enough to worry about in the morning without getting held up by your closet. 

So, we asked for a little help from Bar III, the fashion-foward line from Macy’s, to figure out how to get dressed (and out the door in time) in the AM. With modern pieces that fit into any office environment, you’ll look oh-so-profressional— whether you work in a corporate environment, spend days and nights at a start-up, or you’re on that freelance hustle. 

Start with a basic pair of black pants and top from their line, and follow the below to figure out the office culture style that fits your personality best. It’s a no-fuss solution to setting the bar higher.

You're fit for a corporate getup! Professional, yet casual - you're meant for a start-up outfit! Feel free to be yourself - you're meant for a freelance outfit! Image Map