9-9 with Vibe Tribe Creative Co-Founders

Vibe Tribe Creative Co-Founders Hilary Schlesinger and Lindsey Cavanaugh live in different cities. It's good morning skyline for Hilary who is Chicago-based, and hello mountain majesty for Lindsey, who works out of Boulder, Colorado. But a thousand miles (give or take a few) doesn't keep these two partners and best friends from staying in sync. Something they attribute to their similar outlook when it comes to fundamental values and non-negotiables. Foremost, they both agree that "communication is everything." They also both believe in a healthy/work life balance. For Lindsey this is about treating "yourself right so you can continue to be a driving force, not a drained one."

For Hilary, the notion of hard work shifted after creating the company. "I used to think," she says, "that hard work was measured by a mix of time and energy, as well as the eventual outcome-how successful I was at executing the task at hand. However, I have come to pair this grit, shall we say, with a deeper sense of purpose. It’s not just about getting something done, it’s about having heart and passion for whatever it is you’re doing."

They worked with Giuliana Rancic and Catt Sadler and have the goal of making "your brand rad." 

We checked in with the Co-Founders to find out how they spend their days, how they stay on track and dig into the meat of their work, and what advice they have for entrepreneurial women starting out. 

7:30-8:30AM: Our cute alarm clocks (DOGGIES!) wake us up bright and early to get our days started, warm cuddles and all. Both of us frequent our local dog parks (and coffee shops, duh.) to tire our babes out, and breathe in fresh morning air as we transition out of sleepiness and into go-getter mode. 

9:00-10:00AM: Virtual date! We like to jump into our work day by connecting with one another. This entails anything from reviewing what each of us had for dinner the night before to random ideas that might have popped into our brains in the middle of the night. This time is all about tuning in and setting intentions for the day. We review what’s on our plate, update our shared status document, and divide and conquer across initiatives! We also utilize this time to look out for opportunities to unplug… if we don’t have anything pressing to get done, we’re all about maintaining a healthy balance of work and play!

10:30AM-12:00PM: Our late mornings are usually geared towards inbox maintenance. We’ll respond to new inquiries, client emails, and send a bunch of “next steps” love notes out to keep the momentum flowing across projects. This is sort of like an extension of our internal touch base, but all about connecting with our tribe members. 

12:30-1:00PM: Lunch and more dog walks! Probably a coffee refill if we’re being honest.

1:30-3:30: Though we are constantly in communication with each other throughout the day, our afternoons are when we really dive into the meat of our work on an individual basis. For example, we might each be working on different site designs or Lindsey might be editing photo galleries, while Hilary is drafting new proposals. We’ll touch base here and there, but definitely allow ourselves to get a little lost in our creative energies and rhythms. This is usually when we have epic breakthrough moments… of course while jamming out to our favorite beats. Do we still g-chat during this time? You betcha. Our topics range from “LISTEN TO THIS SONG ASAP,” to “What would the Titanic have been like if people had cell phones?” Our minds are always on. 

"What would the Titanic have been like if people had cell phones?” 

Tweet this. 

4:00-5:00PM: After a few hours of grooving on our own, we end our day much the same way we started--grounding back to our connection as partners! This is usually the point where we share our progress on different initiatives and provide internal feedback. We’ll also evaluate how we’re tracking against what we set out to do that day and figure out if it’s time to sign off for the night, or if we should refill our mugs and keep going!

5:30-6:30 After we sign off, you can likely find Hilary on her yoga mat and Lindsey at the grocery store petting avocados. 

9:43pm: A few times a week we will both catch each other on g-chat during odd hours. It's that mutual, “I SEE YOU.” and we laugh. It’s in these moments we feel fortunate to love what we do so much that getting creative at night is something we truly enjoy.  


  1. Listen. To your gut. To your heart. Your ideas and inspirations.
  2. Secure. Your domain and social handles as soon as you have a name. A solid support system.
  3. Create. Business cards, right away. A lifelong relationship with your local barista who will know you to show up at all hours. A frequent flyer account. Trust. 
  4. Invest. In building your website! Things that contribute to your sanity in stressful situations. A bomb planner. Workshops. A solid dry shampoo. Your time in something that is completely unassociated with work. 
  5. Let go of: Perfectionism. People and things that waste your time!
  6. Imagine. What would happen if you abandoned fear? Where you'll be in 5 years? How amazing it will feel to release your message, something you truly believe in, out into the masses.