Boost Productivity & Concentration with One Simple Switch

It’s 2 PM, you’re on your 3rd or 4th coffee, perplexed as to why you’re still not percolated.

In fact, you’re nodding off, ready to head home and clock out for the day, even though you still have a solid amount of work to get done. It’s a common mistake to think that caffeine will help us stay energized throughout the day, when in fact it’s often doing quite the opposite.

Sorry to break the coffee bean bad news to you, but all the vanilla lattes and black coffees are probably sending you on a vicious cycle of jitters and crashing that’s slowing down your productivity. You feel sluggish, because it’s real. 

Part of the problem is that we’ve grown to love the crash and burn; the 2 PM java run is part of our work culture. Think of how many times a week you turn to a colleague and say, “Want to go grab a coffee?” It’s fun, it’s a break from the grind, but it may be the last thing you need. 

At a certain point caffeine addicts can’t feel its effects anymore. Beyond that, adding on one espresso shot on top of the last, can dehydrate you— another major flaw in caffeine’s DNA. Dehydration is known to reduce concentration and diminish productivity. Why coffee? We thought you were our BFF for life. 

So while it may not be as fun to ask your workmate if they want to head to the water cooler for a late afternoon boost, test it out. Save yourself the java drama and see how water can help you stay just as alert as a shot of pure, heavenly espresso.


We know that our bodies depend on water. But though caffeine stimulates our sympathetic nervous system and gives us the temporary jolt we need, it also does something else: it make us need to relieve our bladders. The problem with this, is that it is incredibly dehydrating. Every time we use the restroom, we lose water. The less water we have in our systems, the thicker our blood gets and the slower it moves through our veins. That sluggish feeling you’ve experienced? It’s actually happening when our bodies use oxygen at a slower rate. 

Coffee also stimulates us in ways we aren’t aware, so though it may not be giving you the boost you need to make it through that Keynote presentation, it could be the reason you’re tossing and turning at night. And without a good night’s rest, you’re going to be tired the next day…hence, more coffee. So, how do you break this cycle? With water. 

Good ole H20 hydrates you for mental focus and doesn’t make you want to crawl back into bed. With Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, you can power up with its naturally infused electrolytes and minerals that will give you the clarity and creativity to get you through the day. Plus you can feel good while drinking it because it's ethical and sustainable


Coffee may be a diuretic, but it’s not flushing out the right toxins that can help our bodies feel revitalized. Also, the more coffee Water, on the other hand, can do that, and manage to keep us awake without the crash. The more water you drink, the more you help your body by flushing out toxins (coffee and caffeine included). Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is loaded with potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, along with many other minerals that make the water naturally alkaline, which helps balance out the over-acidic environment of our bodies. Not something coffee can really fight since it’s pretty acidic itself. The truth is in the science. 


Step 1: Hide the Keurig. Step 2: Hide the coffee mug. Step 3: Invest in a water bottle. 

It might sound silly, but once you start using a water bottle, especially one with a sipper or straw, you’ll find yourself sipping from the bottle every five minutes, ’til you find yourself drinking five or six bottles of water a day. Your body naturally needs water, so it won’t be a surprise when you find yourself refilling your bottle every hour.

"Need to boost concentration? Step 1: Hide the Keurig. Step 2: Hide the coffee mug."  

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This also becomes easier when the water you're drinking, tastes great. Not all water is bottled equally. When your water tastes like chlorine or feels lifeless, you'll be less inclined to drink it. But a good source of water is key when establishing a habit of hydration, and you'll be surprised to find that you actually crave water the way you once did caffeine. 

And trust us, the regular visits to the restroom won’t be as bad as the 2 PM crash. You need to get up and move anyway.