The Importance of Celebrating Our Biggest Accomplishments

As we move on up through our careers and lives, there are always those little souvenirs that remind us of how far we’ve come. Whether it is our college diplomas, our very first ultrasound, our first signed deal with a client, or a heartfelt recommendation letter from a boss, these all symbolize great achievements on our journey. And yet we are often so consumed (and excited) by the hustle, we often forget to stop and be proud of or give attention to our accomplishments. 

So we're taking a moment to highlight moments we are proud of--  the experiences that might not seem big to the world, but mean the world to us.

Framebridge asked Sona Gasparian, Grasie Mercedes, Leura Fine of Laurel & Wolf, and our very own founder Jaclyn Johnson to frame special moments or achievements in their lives.

Check out the frames below, and see the story behind why Sona, Grasie, Leura, and Jaclyn chose them! 


"This was one of the most exciting, happy and natural moments of my life. We snapped this photo right after he asked and you can see I still have tears in my eyes. It's something that I treasure very much!"

--Jaclyn Johnson, Create & Cultivate 


"I'm a huge fan of Chanel and a little obsessed to be honest, so to be able to attend the show in Paris was a total dream come true."

-Sona Gasparian, Simply Sona


"I decided to go with a bunch of lanyards and my ID from my days working at MTV. It was my first job out of college and being a PA then a producer really trained me for the hard work, organizational skills and personality it takes to be a good actress and blogger. "

-Grasie Mercedes, Blogger + Actress, Style Me Grasie


"I chose the thank you note that Kelsea Ballerini sent us because it represents the incredible work we do at Laurel & Wolf everyday. The opportunity to design Kelsea's dream apartment and knowing the way we have changed her life in such a meaningful way is something that is truly inspiring. It is humbling to have worked with such a gifted and exciting young talent but most importantly, I'm inspired by helping all people design the life they deserve."

-Leura Fine, CEO of Laurel & Wolf

About Framebridge:

Framebridge is an online custom framing company, and the easiest way to custom frame and highlight all the special moments in your life as well as the things you love.
They're making what has typically been a frustrating and expensive process into something easy, accessible, and beautiful. Whether it’s having them print and frame special photos or sending them a meaningful painting, invitation or textile - Framebridge is all about celebrating the things that matter most to you. Best part? Prices start at $39 and only go up to $159 - making it a fraction of traditional custom framing. 

How it works: If you have a photo or a digital print (you can pull right from your Instagram feed!), just upload it to their site or app. They'll print it, frame it and ship it to you ready to hang. If you have a physical piece you want to frame (canvas art, old photos, flags, matches - anything!) just tell them the size of the piece and they'll send you pre-paid packaging. You'll just put your piece inside and drop it off at UPS. It will come to their studio, where their team will custom frame it for you and ship it back to you in just a few days.

Not sure what frame looks best with your piece? They have in house designers ready to help. Oh, and they also have a gallery wall service! Check them out at

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