5 Reasons You Need a #CreateCultivateATL Ticket

Photo by  Arnelle Lozada

Going to Create & Cultivate isn’t just another conference for you to network and meet people that are in your field of work and know how to speak your language when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur. There are networking events everywhere, and networking is just one part of Create & Cultivate, so don’t even dare call us just a networking event. 

For each conference, we make sure that you can leave with tons of knowledge from the leading female entrepreneurs in the digital space, apply what you learn to your own business and entrepreneurial strategies, and are able to not only network with tons of other creative entrepreneurs like yourself, but are also inspired to collaborate and cultivate ideas with them. Still need more reasons as to why you need to get your tickets to #CreateCultivateATL? Let us persuade you a little more. 

1. Creating relationships that count

While regular networking events might just be an hour of cocktails and mingling with those around you, at Create & Cultivate you have all day to make new connections with many more people who are cultivating the same entrepreneurial spirit that you have. Not only that, if you came to the conference alone and get to meet people in your track, you’ve made friends with your classmates for the entire day. The relationship that you build is even stronger than just exchanging business cards and moving on to the next person to network with. We make sure that it’s more natural and less forced. 

2. Entrepreneurial bootcamp

Not only are you networking with some of the most hard-working bosses, but you’ll also be able to take notes from boss women who already have it made with their own companies. And when we say bootcamp, you can be sure to be hit with the truth just to be prepared on how to deal with the real world of entrepreneurship. Our speakers lay down the truth when it comes to the ups and downs of running a business, how they have learned from their mistakes, how they have restructured their business strategies, and how every day is a learning lesson for them. We want to make sure that you’re prepared too, and can avoid their mistakes if possible. 

3. Confidence Boosting

We’ll be proud to say after you leave Create & Cultivate, you will leave so inspired and confident to go out and apply all your knowledge to your own business or entrepreneurial endeavors. And with good reason too: Create & Cultivate works to boost your brain power just like a wellness retreat works to revitalize your body. You’ll go back to work on Monday, and your colleagues won’t know what hit them, and then wish they had gone to Create & Cultivate too. While they sulk in their FOMO, you’ll be tapping into your strengths and make yourself an even bigger asset to your company.

4. Learn from top entrepreneurs & rub elbows with them

Not only do you have the opportunity to sit down and take notes from top entrepreneurs during our panels, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with them and introduce yourself after their panel or if you catch them walking around the conference. This is your chance to make an even bigger connection and start making yourself known by those who hold clout as entrepreneurs.

5. Inspiration, information, and motivation to last you a lifetime

What you learn from Create & Cultivate isn’t just meant to last a weekend only to be forgotten by the Monday you go back to work. We make sure that you leave so inspired that you can take the world by storm with your ideas, knowledge, and connections. Our goal is to make sure you can look back at your Create & Cultivate experience and apply what you have learned to real-life work scenarios. We want to see you thrive and succeed, and want to make sure that your Create & Cultivate experience lasts a lifetime.

If you've set your mind on buying your ticket for Create & Cultivate Atlanta, don't waste another second and get your ticket now here! The conference is October 15th, but early bird gets the worm, and the last thing you want to do is have your business miss out on the best tips from rad business women in the digital space today.