Flatlay The Right Way with Bar III

Behind every outfit flatlay, there is a simple science to follow to make it the best styled flatlay you can create. More often that not, flatlays either include WAY TOO MANY OBJECTS, objects aren’t placed symmetrically or have a rhythm, have too many colors going on, or just looks like a closet threw up.

Just in the way you would get yourself Instagram ready for a photo, give the same love to your clothes when styling a flatlay. We took a few styling tips that we’ve learned from Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary and Bar III’s Instagram feed, that will amp up your flatlay game 100%.


Before you start styling your flatlay, first style your outfit. Once you have your whole ensemble ready and have set what the theme it is that you want for your outfit. Is it a daytime outfit, or something a little more elegant? Do you want to stick to two or three colors to give your outfit a cool feel, or so do you want to show that it’s a perfect summertime outfit?

Whatever theme you choose, keep that in mind and start framing your flatlay around that.


Dress: Bar III Three-Quarter-Sleeve Split-Neck Shift Dress
Shoes: Bar III Wiley Cutout Ankle Booties

You already have your outfit set, so the second most important factor is your background. You want to make sure that it’s clean, bright, and won’t distract your flatlay with the background. It’s best to stay away from pattern backgrounds, so if possible, use a plain background, a wood or concrete floor, or even a marble top.


Just because you’re styling a clothes flatlay, it doesn’t mean that you have to decorate your flaylay with just clothes and accessories. Remember to stick to the theme of your flatlay and decorate with pieces that bring out certain colors in the flatlay, and complete the look.

For this look, which is a daytime office piece perfect for a client meeting, we added a planner to bring out the blue hues of the heels, along with some blue marble coasters because #whynot.

Client Meeting
Top: Bar III Lace Fringe Crop Top
Bottoms: Bar III Culotte Pants
Shoes: Bar III Suede Pumps


Since most flatlays are restricted to squares and portrait frames to fit your Instagram feed, feel free to play around with the space and fold your clothes in a way that still show how the outfit will look. Play with the shapes of the clothes and set it up like a Tetris block so everything fits on a 4x4 or 4x6 frame.

If your outfit is only a dress or jumper with shoes, feel free to add more props and accessories to fill in space to the frame to still make it look balanced. However, make sure to not overload your flatylay with too many props any products. You always want to make sure there’s a safe amount of space that doesn’t leave the flatlay looking too busy and chaotic.

For example, this outfit and shoes are all black, so don’t be afraid to pop in one prop that sticks to the theme and has a pop of color that will make the look even more dynamic.

Cocktails After Work
Jumpsuit: Halter-Top Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
Shoes: Hillary Ankle-Strap Asymmetrical Dress Sandals


For the perfect shot, always use daylight natural lighting if the photography Sun Gods allow. Make sure that’s the lighting isn’t too blown out, and if you do decide to use artificial lighting, try to use other sources of light than than the flash from your phone.

Also, always make sure to get an overhead shot.  For a flatlay, you want to make sure that every piece is visible from one POV, so if you’re doing an angle, it might obstruct from the details of other pieces within the shot.

Now you’re ready to style and shoot your flatlay! If you have any other tips, or have used these tips for your own flatlay, let us know below!