Links From Our Group Chat: Birth Control Rollbacks and Pumpkin Spice Disaster

The past week has been rough. Filled with tears and unanswered questions. Anger and disbelief. Our nation experienced mass tragedy, for which we have no answers. The White House took a major swipe at birth control. And Hollywood d-bags got exposed for what the are: d-bags. Where's the good news? We're announcing our next city tomorrow, because we forge ahead. Stronger together. 

Ah, the turning of the leaves. The churning of stomachs. At least, that's what this pumpkin spice disaster caused at a high school, where two kids ended up in the hospital thanks to some pumpkin spice scent. Anyone wanna grab a Starbucks?

Unlike those Walmart whistling smiley face rollbacks, this Roll Back is NOTHING is smile about. 

McDonalds is breaking into uncharted vegan territory. 

Say hey to these senators offering their "thoughts and prayers," and then call them.

Gloria Allred does not approve of her daughter representing this creep.  

Want did you read up on this week? Anyone want to share some good news in the comments?