How to Host the Most Epic Block Party Ever

Photo by  Pier 1 Imports

Life’s a beach, right? Summer’s just around the corner and we are in full defrost-mode. With warm weather comes vacations (cue the unanimous applause). But vacations don't happen without those highly-coveted vacation days. 

We’ve talked before about how important it is that you take those hard-earned days off. It’s about prioritizing self-care from a physical and emotional perspective. But what’s a girl to do when you don’t have any time off this summer but are still craving that vacation buzz? You throw your own little staycation block party, naturally. 

We worked with Pier 1 Imports, the go-to destination for everything you need to entertain outdoors this summerto put together an easy to-do list to get the ball rolling on your vacation-inspired block party, just in time for the warm weather! The brand is encouraging people to find the right pieces to create a warm, inviting atmosphere to celebrate the outdoors with family, friends and even neighbors!

1. Set The Dates

Everyone wants something to look forward to. All the more reason to get ahead of it and block off that third Saturday of next month with all your friends… now, no one from your invite list can say they didn't know ahead of time! 

2. Gather UpYour Friends

We say, the more the merrier. Of course, you have to consider the available space, but don't skimp on this. Invite people near and dear to your heart and if you can accommodate more, enlist your friends to bring a plus one (romantic or not). Bonus points if you can make a good network connection while on staycation! (The grind never really stops.) 

3. Get That Playlist Ready

Good conversation is great, but you need to craft a playlist that will fill the lulls and potentially get guests dancing. Everyone loves an impromptu dance party. And for guests who need little ice breakers to get into the spirit of the day, have a few activities on hand. We’re thinking life-size Jenga, or even a few rounds of Heads Up! are perfect to get everyone in on the fun. 

3. Have Attendees Pitch In

Now for the fun (and yummy) stuff… what sort of grub are you planning to serve? We are partial to enlisting everyone on your invite list to help contribute. Is your next door neighbor an undercover baking aficionado? Enlist her to make vacation-themed cupcakes (this has impromptu-Instagram photoshoot written all over it). Make it fun, and give people ownership. John, Camilla, and Becca handle sweets. Robert, Mikaela, and David handle veggies/dips/chips….. we call dibs on the guac (duh!). 

4. Set the Mood

Our friends at Pier 1 Imports have all of your stay-cation meets block-party needs covered. From Swingasan chairs (these are so Coachella-meets-beach-vacation-home) to oversized beach umbrellas, decor is a REALLY important part of making a block party a huge success. Not only does it give you a creative project to work on for weeks (hello! new Pinterest board), but it lets you exercise those design muscles you’ve been wanting to strengthen.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, Pier 1 Imports has the perfect décor pieces to refresh your outdoor space. We encourage you to take the time to try something new with fun, colorful and unexpected pieces (pro-tip: flamingos are all the rage right now, so feel free to incorporate one –or a few – into your decor). See a round-up of some of our favorite items that we’re viben’ for your next block party: 

The Goods:


If you plan to take this block party into the wee hours of the morning, lighting is ESSENTIAL. Opt for these white-washed, wooden lanterns that give a soft glow and give it a coastal vibe. Just add one of our Deco Wick™ Outdoor LED Pillar Candles for instant ambience and you’ll be all set!


Melamine Round Platter: 

Can you say conversation starter? This little guy is adorable and gives any table setting instant personality… by the way, the pelican's partial to fish—and crab dip. 



Summer time is Rosé time as far as we’re concerned. But instead of the traditional wine glass, opt for something a little more unique. We think this turquoise glassware is perfect for the job. Cheers! 



Here at C+C, we take our sun protection very seriously. No one wants awkward sunburns from the off-the-shoulder top you’ll no doubt be wearing. Enter: the Sun Umbrella of your dreams. 



We love this accent pillow. Not only does it fit your staycation vibe, it also plays into your sense of fun. It’s a charming conversation starter, and bonus: it matches the glassware! 


Conversation Starter: 

Who doesn’t love a flamingo? No one! Which is why you should have one or a few on display at your bash. They are the perfect conversation starter, and give your party a “carefree, let’s have fun” attitude. 



Calling it now — this is going to be the star of your block-party! It’s a perfect Instagram photo-op and all your festival-loving friends are going to be swooning over it. This chair is guaranteed to make your party such a hit, friends will be begging you to make it an annual tradition (not a bad idea…)


Now you’re basically all set to get this party started! We’ll be anxiously awaiting our invitation in the mail.