We’re Sharing Our Best Advice: How to Keep Calm During Stressful Situations. 


Picture this: you’ve got the biggest presentation of your career. Or your career icon has agreed to a meeting and you get to pitch them your big idea. What?! (Yes, it happens. See: Whitney Wolfe meeting Tim Cook last week.) OR maybe it’s the first time you’re going to stand up in front of your colleagues at your new job.

No matter your professional stage, nerves happen. And when nerves happen, so does sweat (stress sweat actually smells worse than exercise or heat sweat!). Since your pits should be the last thing on your mind during stressful situations, we’re rounding up the best ways to keep your cool, your calm, and your armpits fresh.  


One of the best pieces of advice we ever received was to memorize the info so you can forget the script. If that sounds like conflicting advice, you’re not wrong. But it still works. 

Here’s the gist: know your info inside and out. No matter what, you need to prepare and then prepare again. But you should know the info so well, that you can go OFF script. It’s info so deeply embedded in your brain that you don’t have to think about it. That way, when someone interrupts or asks you a question, you’re not knocked off your A-game. 


Time is a double-edge sword. If you’re rushing about and running late, you’re going to start the moment on a stressful note. However, if you show up too early, you might spend that time twiddling your thumbs and stressing over last-minute details. 

Give yourself a 15-minute buffer. It’s just the right amount of time. Not too late, not too early— but rather, the right amount of time to chat with co-worker, hit the bathroom for a last minute mirror pep talk, and walk into the room with your shoulders back and held high. 


Fast Company reports that, “the positive stress of exercise prepares cells and structures and pathways within the brain so that they’re more equipped to handle stress in other forms.” Hit up an AM yoga class, dance it out, or pound the pavement with some new Taylor Swift in your headphones. 

When you release serotonin, you boost both your confidence and happiness, which will fill you with those positive vibes you want pre-presentation. Jogging > jitters. Remember that. 

But don’t sweat it out, without doing this first: 


Secret has been keeping women calm in stressful situations for 60 years. The first antiperspirant brand designed specifically for women, Secret has been on the forefront of women’s lives, leading with innovation designed to provide superior odor and wetness protection. Their new Invisible Spray has four scent offerings with proprietary sweat-activated technology to keep you feeling fresh. It also offers patented Fade Resistant Scent Technology to combat nose-blindness. 

Perfect for an on-the-go application that allows hustling entrepreneurs to freshen up with ease, no matter the circumstance. It may be invisible, but your confidence will be on full display.  

So in this case: Spray it before you say it. Your presentation will thank you. 

This post was sponsored by Secret Deodorant.