7 Beauty Bloggers Dish How to Deal with Winter Skin

It’s winter, which means, snowy banks, cute puffy jackets, and dry skin. It’s the only season that has a skin issue named after it: winter skin.

It affects us all. Luckily, there's Clinique, founded by a dermatologist and a Vogue editor, their products are tried, true, and trusted. 

So, at our CC x Clinique Brunch in Chicago, a snowy city where the ladies know a thing or two about keeping their faces bright and dewy, we asked brunchees their go-to tricks from keeping their skin bright during the drier months of the year. 

Monique, founder of Ambitious Kitchen

“My winter skin trick is to mix rosehip seed oil with almond moisturizes day and night." 

Carleigh Thomas, founder of the Carleigh Thomas Blog

“My go-to for any beauty recommendation is the Skinny Confidential.” Ah. Shoutout to Lauryn Evarts who yes, always has the dewiest most beautiful skin.

Anna Jane Wisniewski, founder of See (Anna) Jane

“The first and most useful winter beauty tip I ever received, is to use toner. It is highly underrated.”

Natalie Craig, founder of Natalie in the City

“Currently I’m using the Moisture Surge and Sonic Cleanser from Clinique.” No wonder she’s so glowy.

Johanna Grange, founder 101 Things I Love

“My favorite winter skin care tip-- this is one that my grandmother taught me. I use olive oil as a facial moisturizer. I also have three Clinique favorites, the under-eye cream, the toner, which I can’t live without, and sometimes I steal my husband’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. 

She also tested out Clinique’s Moisture Surge, perfect for wintertime. Formulated in '80s, Moisture Surge just got an update. “The moisture surge is not oily and absorbs super fast,” she says, “which is key for oily skin.


Helen Berkun, founder Helen Berkun

“My best tip for winter skin is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And if you drink wine, follow it up with water. And I always looked to my mama who looks phenomenal. She’s 65 and looks 50. She told me to always wash my face before bed because if you don’t it’s the same thing as not drinking water for 24-hours."

Ali Stone, founder Those White Walls

"Exfoliate often and don’t forget to moisturize your neck." Got it! 

Do you have tips! Share below!