The One Product Every Working Woman Needs


You’ve stayed up late working, cooking, organizing, folding all that laundry on your bed, and everything else. It’s tough being the boss breadwinner. And next? You have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the next 9-10 hours at the office. Hair is the last thing on your priority list, right? 

Same. We’ve all been there, but we’re introducing you to the number one machine that will solve all your hair probs.

Yes, it’s a hair dryer. But not just any hair dryer. This hair dryer has already won more awards than all of us on the C&C team combined.

Celebrity hairstylist and C&C fave, Jen Atkin, had a huge part in the creation of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer™ which is now creating a hair dryer revolution. This past year, at New York Fashion Week F/W17 and S/S18, the machine powered the hair at more than a dozen shows including: Alexander Wang, Phillip Plein, Brandon Maxwell, Brock Collection, Narcisco Rodriguez.


Save Time

Not only does it make you look super techie and chic with its slim frame and lightweight body. It’s also very effective in getting the job done. This hair dryer from the heavens is cutting drying time in half for most women with a motor that spins up to six times faster than a Formula One race car

Tom Crawford, Dyson Global Category Director, says, "Fast drying isn’t just about high‑speed air. You also need the right balance of pressure and turbulence. You need to control the air, and make it stable."

Make Less Noise

It’s stable alright. It’s also borderline silent. We know, a quiet hair dryer almost sounds like a dream come true. 

Three words. Vibration reduction mount. This fancy mount helps prevent the motor from vibrating against the inside of the handle, which in turn, reduces the amount of noise coming from the hair dryer.


Get More Shine

As if you needed another reason to fall in love, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was engineered to protect against extreme heat damage to bring out the natural shine of your hair. It’s intelligent heat control measures the exiting air temperature measured 20 times per second. When our hair is exposed to excessive heat, this reduces reflective light and decreases our hairs’ natural shine.
Annmarie Nicholson, a Dyson Engineer says, "You need a certain amount of heat to style hair, but extreme heat can cause damage. By keeping the temperature under control, our dryer can help protect your hair."

Silent drying, faster drying and more heat protection. Welcome to the future ladies. If you’re joining us at Create & Cultivate LA this year, don’t miss the chance to try out this beautiful machine at the Dyson pop-up! Their team will be offering complimentary dry blowouts.

Have you tried the Dyson hair dryer already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!