The Best Kept Secrets For Finding Career Success

We spend half the waking hours in our working adult lives on the clock. You can spend those hours punching in and out, passing the time, and getting by, or you can spend those hours -- you guessed it -- creating and cultivating the career of your dreams. 

And because there are so many different definitions of success, we took a look at a recent LinkedIn study and are sharing our best advice for finding career success, happiness, and stability -- after all, we’re all #InItTogether. 



LinkedIn found that more than one-third of professionals (36%) are finding success by pursuing a passion project or side-hustle. We have some theories as to why. When you’re passionate about the work that you do, it becomes more than a job. It becomes a reason to thrive. This stat should EMPOWER you to make bold choices about your career. Yes, being an entrepreneur is difficult, but how would you like to join the ranks of workers who are finding joy and success through their work? According to the survey, it’s no longer about landing the corner office. Today, it’s about being your own boss -- 34% of professionals surveyed would take a 10% pay cut if it meant having the ability to design their own schedule. 

Which brings us to our next secret… 


We know that money in the bank is an important piece of the pie. But there’s more to it. According to LinkedIn, 87% of professionals say that success isn’t only about what they accomplish in their life, it’s about what they inspire others to do. Which means, if you want to find true happiness and success, you need to pay it forward and back. Whether that’s through mentorship programs or through local community outreach, it’s important for you to take the time to figure out how you can inspire others. It’s one reason why mentorship is a key element of Create & Cultivate culture. We cannot find success if we turn our backs, or a blind eye, on others. 

Speaking of which, it matters how you treat people and what you can bring to the table. 


You can line item your skills, but you’ve got to be able to back it up -- in more ways than one. C&C CEO + founder Jaclyn Johnson loves to say that experience is king. And according to key findings from LinkedIn, she’s right. An overwhelming majority of professionals (89%) feel that skills are even more important than job titles -- with “learning a new skill” ranking as the #1 career goal in 2018. Don’t be afraid to take a new class or learn a new skill like coding with resources like LinkedIn Learning. You could even swap skill training with someone in your LinkedIn network -- you teach them a specialized skill you have in exchange for their expertise. It’s an enterprising solution that also goes back to point two -- helping someone else out inspires the greater good. 

For more information from the LinkedIn success findings, check out the infographic below, and find more information here. And you can join in on the conversation with #InItTogether.



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