Tips and Tricks to Avoid ALLERGY FACE®


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Watery eyes, red nose and puffiness… the dreaded beauty challenges that often come with seasonal allergies. Or, as ZYRTEC® coined it: ALLERGY FACE®!

It’s not a good look.

But what happens when you’re prone to the dreaded ALLERGY FACE® and you have to show up at *gasp* an outdoor event?

It’s an allergy-prone woman’s nightmare. Especially for those of us at Create & Cultivate – Half of our events are outdoors. And if you’re anything like our founder, and CEO, whose allergies can run amuck during the Spring, you know how stressful it can be to keep allergies at bay. Not anymore!

Here are some tips and tricks for making sure you can face the world (and outdoor events) this spring.

Spring into action

Did you know there are only 92 days of the spring season? Which means, when you need relief, you need it fast. If you know you’re heading to an outdoor event where your allergies are likely to act up (i.e. cue the puffiness and watery eyes) you should absolutely prepare in advance.

“The last thing I need when I’m on stage is to be sneezing or have puffiness. I make sure to take ZYRTEC® the week leading up to any event. It’s a product that starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day, which is an absolute must to prep for any last minute snafooz or sneezes,” shares C&C founder Jaclyn Johnson. “In addition, following some of my favorite beauty tips for combatting ALLERGY FACE® helps me look amazing so I can put my best face forward at any outdoor events this spring!”



Go ahead and stop and smell the roses because celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg offered a few beauty tricks and tips for dealing with allergy-related beauty challenges. (Uh-huh that puffiness  and red nose we mentioned. You’re not Rudolph after all. Cute as he may be.)

To combat a red nose, Jamie says, “Use a green-tinted concealer to help cancel out redness. Apply a full-coverage foundation all over the face followed by a translucent powder to help set the foundation and keep it lasting.”

If watery eyes are your issue, the makeup artist, who works with celebs like Jordana Brewster, advises that, “A bold, glossy lip is a great way to distract from watery eyes, especially when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup.”

Also, a cooling moisturizer can help rid your face of puffiness. When you’re back at home, don’t use something that can make it worse. “Make sure makeup removing wipes are marked gentle and for sensitive skin or you’ll run the risk of worsening redness from ALLERGY FACE®,” shares Jamie.

However you swing it, spring is coming. So it’s best to prepare!

Do you have allergies? Sound off in the comments below on what beauty tips you follow to combat ALLERGY FACE®