Are You Afraid of Commitment?


The stats are in. Though Millennials have long been accused of job-hopping and not taking anything seriously, they actually know how to hold down a job. 

According to recent research from the Pew Research Center a fifth of millennials have been with their company for five years or longer, which falls in line with the stats around Generation X.

Compare that to the typical US worker who, as of January 2016, had been in their current job for 4.2 years, up from 3.5 years in 1983, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When it comes to relationships, the data shifts a smidge. Specifically, more than half of all millennials (59%) have never married, and 9% are in domestic partnerships, per data collected via Gallup poll. So what gives? Are we able to hold down jobs, but not relationships? Are we afraid of commitment? 

We say no. And we have some ideas as to how you can put a ring on your career and embrace commitment. 

Embrace the One-Year Career Mentality

We have to first acknowledge that there has been a shift. There is no longer a straight and narrow career trajectory. It’s highly unlikely to see anyone in a 40 year career. In fact, some people say the only constant is change. 

This shouldn’t scare you off, however. It should fire up your furnace. Enter: the 1-Year Career. 

It’s not what you think. 

According to Baily Hancock, “The 1-Year Career is a whole new way of thinking about work and your place in it. It encourages you to evaluate your professional happiness far more frequently than the generations before us had to, setting short-term goals and achieving them with small, actionable steps year after year throughout your entire career.”

So yeah, contrary to what it sounds like, it does not mean you should go leapfrogging across jobs and careers every 12 months. 

Rather, says Baily, you should think about your career in one-year increments. By doing this, “it enables you to focus on only the next couple of steps ahead of you.” She explains, “We’re far less likely to feel overwhelmed when we consider not what we’re going to do with our entire life, but instead, what we’re going to do in the next 365 days. One year seems doable; long enough to accomplish a good amount, but short enough that we can plan for most of the variables that life may throw at us.”

What Else Might Life Throw At You?

A bouquet at your BFF’s wedding, perhaps. Don’t be afraid to catch it.

Or feelings. 

Committed doesn’t only mean to one person. 

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What are some fresh, new ways you show your commitment? Comment below.