Finding Purpose With Working Wonder: Jamie Taylor

Known for her positive outlook and entrepreneurial spirit, Mary Kay Independent Elite Executive Sales Director Jamie Taylor knows how to hustle! After starting her Mary Kay business as a 20-year-old college student during summer break, Jamie quickly devoted herself  to her Mary Kay business.
She knew that it was up her to make her business successful, and Jamie certainly enjoys the commissions and profits she earns in her Mary Kay business as well as the flexibility it provides and recognition she receives for achieving various milestones in her business.  Jamie has also earned the use of two Mary Kay Career Cars, referenced Pink Caddy!  She has turned a love and passion for beauty into operating her Mary Kay business full-time with great results. She is a proven “working wonder!”
Find out more about Jamie’s work ethic, her commitment to her business, and why she’s a Working Wonder below. 


Let's start with the basics. What does the idea of Working Wonder mean to you?

To me, working wonder means a woman who works at her full capacity when it comes to passion and love for what she does. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and works with vigor and a zest for life and her work. She finds purpose in what she does, and she walks forward in that unapologetically.

How has your Mary Kay business helped you feel wonderful?

My work as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant helps me to feel wonderful in so many ways. The way I feel when I work is directly correlated to the impact I’m making in other women’s lives. I love my business because I feel that my number one job description is to help other women feel beautiful, powerful and capable. In turn, it makes me feel those things as well.

You've said that you're known for your upbeat attitude about entrepreneurship. Can you tell us more what that's about? We want some of that!

I have an upbeat attitude towards most things as I’m naturally gifted with a positive outlook. However, I do feel a strong love for entrepreneurship. I believe in it so much! I grew up in an entrepreneur’s home and I got to be a direct beneficiary of someone who worked hard for what they wanted and made their dreams a reality. Today, being an entrepreneur myself is one of the best parts of my life because it allows me to design a life I love on my own terms. I have found that some people are uncomfortable “being their own boss” and all the ups and downs that usually ensue. But I believe it works for me so well, even when I fail, because I believe in the process and how it is molding me as a person. 

What is your advice for younger female entrepreneurs struggling to feel their own sense of wonder? Or, those wondering if they're on the right track?

Being young and ambitious can be an unsure journey and one of the biggest things that many young women struggle with is the fear of what others may think or the fear of rejection. I still struggle with this on a regular basis! As a young entrepreneur, you may feel intimidated, criticized, or simply not taken seriously. My advice is to keep working on what you feel you have been called to do while also finding someone who believes in you and helps you to shine. I’m learning that time REALLY does fly, and we do really grow up. The older I get, I find my struggles feel different than they did when I was 20. I’m glad I embraced the refining process that made me who I am today. I’m so thankful for the older women who breathed belief into me so that I didn’t quit. So - keep going, hitch yourself on to someone who is where you want to be, find a great mentor who believes in you, only listen to those who “get it”, and actively study what makes YOU great! The more comfortable you are with your own gifts, the more you can use them!

How do you aim to empower other women through your work?

My line of work is all about empowering other women. Sometimes it comes in the form of helping a woman feel beautiful in her own skin by sharing Mary Kay® products with her and teaching her tried-and-true beauty tips. I love seeing a woman feel confident in how she looks on the outside because it often can transform them to be confident on the inside as well. Sometimes empowering women looks like coming alongside them and teaching them how to build a business like someone did for me. It’s so cool to see someone make a difference in their income, skillset, network, and goals. I love being a part of seeing women change their lives in the areas they want to see changes in the most!

On your blog you've talked about what happens when you try your best, but, alas !! you don't succeed. Who do you lean on during those moments?

I’ve tried and failed many times in my five years of building my business and I’m sure I still have a few missed goals ahead of me. Feeling like you didn’t succeed, or you missed the mark, is difficult and emotional no matter how much you tell yourself that it happens to everyone. There are a few things that help me pick myself back up when I’m down. The first is the assurance that I’m not quitting. I wholeheartedly believe that the best is yet to come. With each failure I ask myself “is THIS going to be the thing that STOPS me?” and the answer is always, “heck no! I’ve come this far!” Another thing that I lean on is the truth that everyone really does go through this. Sometimes we compare our “behind the scenes” to someone else’s “highlight reel” and it can make us feel very alone when we’ve failed. One of my efforts in life and work is to be transparent on social media with my ups and my downs!  This helps us to all feel more connected and it encourages those who look up to me. A community is one of the best ways to hang in there when you aren’t feeling so hot!

With each failure I ask myself “is THIS going to be the thing that STOPS me?” and the answer is always, “heck no!"

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Do you think there is a difference between 'beauty' and feeling 'beautiful?'

Sure! I think that ‘beauty’ is something that we can find anywhere and in anything or anyone. Beauty transcends outer appearances and can be found right in the middle of pain and hardship. Feeling beautiful is a way we carry ourselves. Again, it doesn’t have to always be about the outer appearance. We can feel beautiful when we are kind, doing what we love, and being who we were made to be.

What do you hope other women feel about themselves and the concept of "beauty?"

Of course, I hope that everyone woman is deeply aware of her unique beauty, both inside and out! This is a huge struggle as a woman of any age. We tend to be so incredibly hard on ourselves. I think that when you see something beautiful in another woman, it’s important to speak up and tell her. The more we magnify another woman’s beauty, the closer she can become to seeing it herself and the closer we can get to seeing it in ourselves.

So, speaking of beauty... we all have our own tips and tricks. We recently found out that only 20% of visible skin aging comes from the natural aging process. Mary Kay®'s TimeWise Miracle Set 3D™ helps protect your skin against the rest – what else do you incorporate into your beauty and wellness routine to combat the environmental and lifestyle stressors that contribute to premature skin aging? 

Skincare is everything! I am totally in love with the new TimeWise Miracle Set 3D™! Every morning when I put on the day cream that is supplemented with a wonderful, non-greasy broad-spectrum SPF, I feel proud of myself for protecting my skin. I know I’m doing myself a huge favor. I also find that a healthy amount of sleep, water, and a clean diet make a huge difference in how my skin looks! 

When do you feel the most wonderful?

I feel my most wonderful when I’m walking in my purpose. I can get so sidetracked by comparison, stress from wanting to perform at a high level, or every day stressors. However, when I’m truly spending time helping other women build a life they love, I feel alive and I can sense how much my life’s work matters.

Who is a woman you would consider a Working Wonder - someone you want to give a shout out to?

My best friend Jordan is truly a “working wonder” to me. I am always blown away by her consistency and strong work ethic. She works passionately without apology and she is a woman of her word. When I am around her, I am inspired to also be MY personal best every day. She is her best in the big ways and the small ways and she has gone on to build a beautiful, thriving business and a full life. She empowers me to do the same! 

We'll be featuring wonderful women paving the way in their careers as part of our new Working Wonders series with Mary Kay. Check back for more inspiration and wonderful words of wisdom.