These MBA Programs Prove It’s Never Too Late to Start Fresh

As we all get further in our careers, many of us have the same thought: Should we go back to school? To be back in school sounds like a dream come true, but unfortunately it’s not one that becomes a reality for all of us.

Whether it’s for career advancement purposes, or switching career paths, getting a second degree can be beneficial for more reasons than one.

This has become clearer as the gender gap continues to narrow between men and women with advanced degrees. Women with advanced degrees are skyrocketing and will soon surpass men. We are graduating in higher numbers and we're the majority of the workforce, so of course, we should see the same patterns in secondary degrees. Among adults 25 years old or older in the US, approximately 10.2 million women have advanced degrees compared to 10.6 million men. The gap is narrowing since more and more women have thankfully found the resources to continue their education.

Let's look at some of the baddest ladies in the game. The #SELFMADE women that are running fortune 500 companies and more!

  • Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki earned her MBA from UCLA

  • Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mary Erdoes, the most powerful woman in finance and CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, both have MBAs from Harvard

  • Melinda Gates, Co-Chair at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has an MBA from Duke.

These are just a few of the boss women who have continued their education and kill it in the workforce.

Listen, in the past, there were a lot of hurdles that stood in the way of earning an advanced degree but it's really becoming more flexible and easier for women and men of all backgrounds to make earning an MBA work around their schedules.

Three different MBA programs at Strayer University can help you break out of a career rut, grow a business, or learn to lead. Check them out:

The Strayer University MBA

This program is designed for us working adults. It can be completed entirely online, meaning that those who don’t have time to go into a classroom can still get the experience. Also, Strayer takes into account previous education and work experience, which can mean a shorter timeframe for getting it done. Plus, there’s a variety of different programs for different interests, so if you’re looking to switch gears and explore new areas, you can. These include Accounting, IT programs, and Health Services Administration just to name a few.

The Digital Entrepreneurship MBA

In today’s content-driven and virtual world, it feels like we need to be online all the time. No matter your industry, yes finance and education included, it’s time to get your mind digitally-friendly and with the times. Strayer’s Digital Entrepreneurship MBA combines media insights with business skills that can help get students ahead of the curve.

Through live-streaming, optimized courses for mobile devices and tablets, and lessons from execs from companies like Amazon, getting your mind in the game is so much easier.

You can explore courses in digital business operations, technology, business social media, business law, and a lot more.

The Jack Welch Management Institute MBA

Ranked as a Top 25 Online MBA Program by Princeton Review, the Jack Welch Management Institute redefines the MBA experience with an entirely online yet interactive curriculum for students.

Powerful lectures, insightful reading, video messages and experiential exercises are delivered by top executives like Jack Welch, Warren Buffett and C-suite leaders from Starbucks, McDonald’s, Netflix and more.

This post is brought to you in paid partnership with Strayer University.