How to Work out Without Leaving Your Desk

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We all know that spending too much time in the office can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Anyone who’s scarfed down a sad salad desk lunch knows that not being able to pull yourself away from your computer can be taxing. Buuuut sometimes that’s life.

We’ve got good news! When you just can’t escape your chair, we’ve got some tips to keep you happy and healthy. Yeah, that definitely includes a big cup of coffee and some pretty desk accessories, but we don’t stop there!

With this desk workout, you can get your blood flowing and body moving without pulling yourself away from your to-do list. It’s simple, yet targeted enough to help you tone and tighten right from your desk chair. Pair this with a walk on your break, and you’ll reap the physical and mental benefits of exercise, all before happy hour! Now that’s work-life balance.

Are you ready for the workout? Let’s go!


Chair Squat/Air Sit

Start seated at the end of your chair with heels firmly planted into the ground. Sit up tall with your chest lifted and core engaged. Press your heels into the floor to lift your booty off the chair about 2 inches. Hold and hoover for about 30 seconds.

Glute Squeeze x15 (to avoid dead booty!)

This is an isometric move to get your booty woke. Squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and hold for 10 seconds. Release and repeat.

Toe Touches x20

Seated, reach your right arm straight toward the sky, extend your left leg, and engage your core to lift the leg as you lower the arm to touch your toe. Lower and repeat, alternating sides.

Tricep Dips x15

Start seated on the edge of a stationary chair. Position your hands shoulder-width apart on the chair, then move your booty off the front with your legs extended out in front of you (the straighter your legs, the harder you'll work).

Begin to bend your arms to 90 degrees as you lower your hips toward the floor. Straighten your arms, squeezing into your triceps and lifting your hips. Lower and repeat.

Bicycle Crunches x20

Seated, gently place your hands behind your head, elbows out wide. Sit up tall with your chest lifted. Lift your left knee toward your chest as you rotate through the spine, twisting your right elbow across to the left side of your body. Return to start and repeat, alternating sides.