How the Right Website Copy is Like Having a Sales Team

Photo by  mentatdgt  from  Pexels

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

So you've got a new business. You've developed a crazy good "why hasn't anyone invented this yet" product. Or maybe you're delivering an "oh-my-goodness-what-did-I-do-without-you" service for clients. Either way, you're clear on what you're selling, you're clear on who needs your business. And you're clear on how you want to come across to your customers.

Now comes the part where you've got to make your business profitable. So you buy your domain and set up your email accounts. You get a business bank account. But then you're faced with a series of dilemmas:

  • Do you hire a graphic designer to make your site look like a million bucks?

  • Do you need new brand photos every month to keep up with the changing seasons?

  • Which of the software solutions your trialing deserves a subscription fee?

  • What add-ons will actually help your bottom line, and which ones will just drain your profits?

In the rush to create a brand that looks beautiful, with just the right fonts and colors, copywriting often gets overlooked

Once your site is ready to go live, only then are those placeholder blocks of text addressed. But here's the thing: just writing about your company isn't enough, just coming up with a cute tagline won't get you any additional customers, and just describing your products and hoping photos convert buyers... while you might get some buyers, a lot more would-be customers will leave without a compelling written message.

The superpower of copy is that it isn't just text

In fact, it isn't even just marketing. Well-crafted copy is an online salesperson who works around the clock for you. Even better, copy can have 1:1 interactions with hundreds of prospects at once. All while you sleep. Or work on R&D. Or actually get to the gym for once this month.

It works its magic by entering the conversation already happening in the mind of your customers

What are people worried about? What's a pain your product could solve? Great copywriting goes way beyond analyzing search terms. Because behind every feature of your product or service, there's a deeper benefit: something unique about your offering that will make your customers' lives better the moment they open your box.  To find those key benefits — the things your customers are truly looking for — you've got to do some digging.

Start with customer surveys. Ask your customers why they purchased from you at this time - what they needed, and how you've solved their problems or brought more happiness into their world. Then write copy that addresses those very problems and frustrations head on. Get specific with them. Finally: take those messages and put 'em on your site!

With copy, one round of investment means you're getting a 24/7 global sales force

How's that for scale? Oh, and the other thing: Once you've established a strong message about outcomes and benefits that resonates with your market, you can stick with it for a long time. Meaning, you get long-lasting ROI, and that’s something any business owner can celebrate.


Anna Bradshaw is a conversion copywriter for happy brands. She helps businesses find their core messages and writes data-backed copy that's packed with flavor. She writes from Southern California where she lives with her husband.