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Lele Pons had the most viewed Instagram Stories in 2017. 

Let that soak in for a second. She beat out Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner, two names that people associate "most-watched" with. 

The Venezuela-born social media influencer is known for her self-deprecating and hilarious skits. After making a name for herself on Vine and YouTube, 21-year-old Elenora "Lele" Pons, grew her Instagram to over 20 million followers. The model, actress, comedian, and YouTube star has a brand deal with US makeup brand CoverGirl, walked for Dolce and Gabbana last year in Milan, and  shows no signs of slowing down. 

Making people laugh gives her life. 

More from Lele below.

Your IG Stories had the most views, of ANYONE, in 2017. What does that feel like?

It’s so amazing! It almost doesn’t feel real. I’m really happy that people want to connect with me like that. 

What are your goals for 2018?

I just want to get better and keep growing in everything I do. Last year was amazing and I just want to keep building. Specifically, I want to expand into dance and music. I have some ideas that I’m working on and can’t wait for everyone to see.

Are you ever nervous about what you put up on social? Or how people are going to respond?

There are always going to be negative people on social media, but you can’t let that scare you or stop you. Sometimes I post something where I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and it can make me feel a little nervous about how people will respond to it, but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by endless support.

"There are always going to be negative people on social media, but you can’t let that scare you or stop you."

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Piggybacking on that a little, when you hit a bump in the road, what drives you forward?

Friends, family and my team. They are always there for me and always pushing me to be my best self.

What would you say is your superpower?

I think my superpower is being able to be hyper-focused, but whacky at the same time. I spend hours shooting and editing my videos and it’s a lot of hard work that I take seriously. But, I also know that what I’m doing is making fun videos, so I try not to take myself too seriously.

Why do you think you chose a career that gets people laughing?

I’ve always loved making people laugh. Whenever I was with my friends and family, I’d dance and make jokes and just try to entertain.

Photo Credit: @davisfactor

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