Desk-Side: This Actor & Blogger Shares How She Finds Balance When Working From Home


Courtney Halverson is a busy woman. An actor by day and an influencer—well, also by day, she spends her waking hours running lines, shooting content, and blogging about all of it on her site, Pretty Little Fawn. So when she gets time to relax, she really takes advantage. We partnered with Glade® Essentials Room Mist to hear how Courtney puts a little balance in her hustle—read on below!

Q: How long have you been in Los Angeles?

A: I’ve lived in LA for about six years.

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

A: Fun fact about myself, I can turn the shower on with my feet.

Q: How long have you been acting? What do you love most about it?

A: I have been working as an actress since I was a kid. I actually just had a film come out set in the 1950s, which is great because I love all things vintage. But the best part about being an actress, is getting to become a lot of different people. I mean, I have worn a lot of different hats.

Q: What are your essential tools when prepping for a role?

A: A cup of coffee (needed), a highlighter, and whatever script I’m currently working on.

Q: What’s your favorite room in your house?

A: My favorite part of the house is definitely the cloffice (closet-office). It’s definitely my happy place in the house because it’s where I get to work on my other job of being a blogger. It’s where I style looks, create content, and do what I call “research,” a.k.a. reading magazines.

Q: Since you work from home a lot of the time, how do you instill work/life balance in your space?

A: After a long day of learning lines and writing blog posts, I like to relax in my living room. For me, it’s all about unwinding and setting the mood. The Glade® Essentials Room Mist is my go-to—I love the Mandarin & Mimosa scent. It helps clear my mind and let me know work is done for the day.

The best part about being a blogger is getting to connect with women from all over the world.

Q: Who is your style icon?

A: 100 percent Alexa Chung.

Q: What’s the best part about being a blogger?

A: The best part about being a blogger is getting to connect with women from all over the world. Second best part? Creating content.

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