This One Tool Will Help You Meet All Your Marketing Goals Next Month

When you’re thinking about marketing for your business, you have to start with aligned goals. How many followers do you want to have by the end of the month? How many people do you want your content to reach? What time of day should you post to get the most impressions? The list goes on and on.

Think about it; when was the last time you revamped your marketing strategy for your business? There are over 100 billion ideas on Pinterest, and the vast majority come from both companies and blogs. Whether you’re selling ice cream or writing personal development blogs to inspire your audience, Pinterest can help you grow your business.

If you haven’t even begun to think about using Pinterest for your business, you should definitely start today. Pinterest just reached 250 million monthly active users, and over half are from outside the US. If one of your marketing goals is to build your audience and increase distribution for your content this year, you better put a pin in it. (Get it?)

Keep on reading for tips on how to leverage Pinterest to meet your business marketing goals.

Pinterest Best Practices

Get a Pinterest Business Account

Getting a business profile is your signal to Pinterest that you are on the platform to be discovered, so they take steps to distribute your content. A business account on Pinterest will let you see the analytics behind your content and help you measure your success in order to meet your goals. Upgrade your profile or sign up for a free business account here.

Claim Your Website

Linking your website (or Instagram, YouTube, or Etsy) to your Pinterest profile signals that it’s a trustworthy source. It also allows unlocks pro tools like PinStats, and gives you attribution. This means your profile picture will show up on every Pin that comes from your website, no matter who saves it.


Create Pins Often

Consistency is key on almost every social media platform, including Pinterest. Consistent, daily activity on Pinterest is better than a once-a-week flurry. Be sure to create pins that link back to your website in order to give followers a fresh feed of content. Since Pinterest works like a search engine, the reach of your content will continue to grow over time.

Use Data and Insights

PinStats are an easy way to see how your Pins are performing at a glance. Just tap any Pin from your profile for a quick view of its impressions,  saves, close-ups and clicks. For a deeper dive, visit Pinterest Analytics on desktop.

Look Forward

People on Pinterest plan ahead. As a general rule of thumb, start creating Pins that are relevant to trends, seasons, and holidays 45 days before the event.

Optimize Your Website

Add the Save button to your website so that it’s easier and faster for people to save your content to  Pinterest. It can increase your saves up to 5x.

People are in a unique mindset with they use Pinterest. They aren’t coming to see what their friends are up to or what’s happening in the latest news cycle. They are literally coming to Pinterest to discover things they will love and make them a part of their life. This means your content is the feature on Pinterest, not the distraction, which is a powerful place to be when growing your business.  

Do you use Pinterest for your business? Let us know your best practices in the comments!

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