One *Very* Successful CEO's 4 Hacks for Cold-Emailing

photo credit:  @papelnco

photo credit: @papelnco

Let’s talk about cold-emailing. Katia Beauchamp, co-founder of the wildly successful beauty company Birchbox has said that she and her co-founder started cold-emailing CEOs in the beauty industry to get the idea in front of them. Now she's one of them. Beauchamp shared, "I cold-emailed several presidents, CEOs, and brand managers in the beauty industry and the majority of people responded!"

So we asked: What are a few things that every cold-email should include?

She divulged below. 

1. Have a compelling subject line.

It needs to motivate the reader to open the message. At the very least it should say something more than "Hello" or "Looking to get in touch." I used "Reimagining beauty online."

2. Keep the email concise.

The email should be short enough so that a person can read it without having to scroll down on his or her phone. The less time and energy it takes to read it, the better.

3. Don't attach a business plan to explain the idea.

That's asking a lot. Try a one-pager that briefly describes the idea/value proposition. We framed our one-pager by introducing the brands as the stakeholder and how Birchbox could help that brand.

4. Ask for something that’s easy to say yes to.

I asked CEOs and brand managers for five minutes of their time to give me advice. Those emails eventually turned into a meeting and the meeting turned into a pitch. Those pitch meetings ultimately led to partnerships with massive brands, early on.

Arianna Schioldager is Editor-in-Chief at Create & Cultivate. You can follow her @ariannawrotethis.