How This Fitness Star & Activewear Designer Practices Self-Care


We all know how important it is to have a consistent beauty routine, while also practicing self-care. While the two can mean very different things for all of us, it’s important to take care of ourselves from the inside out. We all love massages (yes, please), baths, and some overall “me” time, but what we’re putting into our body matters too. We’ve partnered with HUM Nutrition and some of our favorite influencers in the wellness space, to chat a little bit about self-care and the importance of getting those proper nutrients. Gotta live long and strong, ladies!

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Below, we caught up with Katie Austin, founder of Austin Active and fitness influencer, to discuss how she unplugs, stays healthy, and everything in between.

Create & Cultivate: The digital world never sleeps. How do you unplug?

Katie Austin: In the world of social media, it’s hard to realize when is a good time to disconnect. There’s new content to be made every hour, new things to see, post, engage with, and 100 more things on top of that. First, to unplug you must do the obvious- get off social media and your emails for a bit. Yet, for me, I know even when I’m not on my phone or computer I still am thinking about everythingggg I need to do. So I’m physically “unplugged” but not mentally unplugged. For me, my unplugging comes mostly from working out. A good workout makes me not think about the outside world, or all my stress going on. It lets be at peace with my anxiety. Also, engage in REAL life conversation (not just comments), listen to your friends' situations (not just seeing their posts), asking your loved ones how they are (not just thinking they’re doing amazing bc of social media). Being present in whatever you’re doing will help you mentally unplug. 

C&C: While we love a good face mask, it’s important that we focus on prevention + long-term self-care vs. damage control + quick fixes. What are some ways you invest in your inner-health?

KA: I’ve learned this recently actually because my career has always been something I LOVE so I have never seen it as a job. But lately, I’ve been overworking like crazy, and my love has not really been there. My inner health is usually damaged by my stress levels and anxiousness. The past few weeks, I realized that I am taking away the side that I love- helping and motivating others because I’ve been burning myself to the ground with work. I have come back to my priorities and realized patience is everything to growing a business. Self-talk always helps me stay positive. And realizing the quote “Rome wasn’t built in a day” may be lame but it’s SO TRUE. Quality work over quantity work. Meaning, don’t spread yourself too thin, because it will take a toll on your inner health. You CAN say no to some things, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for it. 

C&C: How do you find the time to make me-time? 

KA: Actually, my “me” time isn’t what you think it would be! It's not spent alone in my room, or meditating, etc. In my me-time, I love doing anything that takes away my stress, and that would mostly be spending time with my friends, family, and doing things I love with them. Especially because I work at home and alone, I have a lotttt of that time alone haha. So to take away time from my business, and worries, my friends always make me feel so content. Find a group of girls that support you through everything, that care, and that lift you up. My loved ones help me block out all outer voices that could be tearing me down. 

C&C: Walk us through your ideal self-care Sunday.

KA: I’m usually SO lazy every Sunday, and I absolutely LOVE it. I don’t put any pressure on myself to workout hard, eat that clean, or do anything productive. And this helps me unwind from a hard week, and to re-group for the hard work I’m about to do all week. For me, I need these days because I tend to overwork. To make a day for myself with no high expectations is so needed. 

C&C: If you could only pick one self-care hack, what would it be and why?

KA: Definitely a workout!! Makes me feel more confident, healthy, productive, and stress- free! Another hack I love is to wake up, and for the first 20 minutes to start your day, don’t look at your phone or emails. Enjoy a cup of coffee, write down with a pen and paper what you need to accomplish that day. You won’t be bombarded with all your emails yet, and it’s a great way to prioritize. 

C&C: When you don’t have time for your normal self-care routine, what do you do to keep stress and anxiety at bay?

KA: Go for a walk, and listen to great music. Music, a podcast, talking on the phone to a friend. All of those things help ease my mind. 

C&C: Is there anyone you look to for self-care inspiration? 

KA: My boyfriend. He is so good about taking the time out of every day to put yourself first. When he first met me, I was all over the place (I still am but have gotten a lot better!!). I’d wake up at 7 am and work until 1 a.m. Granted, I still do that sometimes, but now I have more of the mentality of, if I don’t get it done today, there’s always tomorrow! Not the end of the world! Always set aside a bit of time for yourself each day.

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