How One Busy Blogger Unplugs and Finds Some 'Me' Time



We all know how important it is to have a consistent beauty routine, while also practicing self-care. While the two can mean very different things for all of us, it’s important to take care of ourselves from the inside out. We all love massages (yes, please), baths, and some overall “me” time, but what we’re putting into our body matters too. We’ve partnered with HUM Nutrition and some of our favorite influencers in the wellness space, to chat a little bit about self-care and the importance of getting those proper nutrients. Gotta live long and strong, ladies!

Finding the right balance for anything is tough and especially so with supplements - it can take trial and error or hours of tunneling through research and reviews to figure out exactly which ones will best support you.

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Below, we caught up with Niké of Specs & Blazers to discuss how she unplugs, stays healthy, and everything in between.

Create & Cultivate: The digital world never sleeps. How do you unplug?

Niké: Unplug? What is that? Kidding. I unplug by practicing mindfulness and practicing meditation. Meditating has been key to my success. It is like working out your mind. It brings peace and mental clarity like I've never experienced before in my life. I turn off my phone between 4-5pm 4 times a week. 

C&C: While we love a good face mask, it’s important that we focus on prevention + long-term self-care vs. damage control + quick fixes. What are some ways you invest in your inner-health?

N: I invest in my inner health by eating well, detoxing regularly. I do a cleanse with my favorite smoothie once a week and take my HUM Glow Sweet Glow vegan gummies on the daily.



C&C: How do you find the time to make me-time? 

N: Well, realizing you can't help others until you help yourself is so important. I know that I can't be my best self with my friends or family unless I feel centered within myself and I can only do that when I practice taking “me” time. I always joke that I am a professional napper. No matter what I am doing or how busy my day is, I can easily find a corner, pull out a chair and fall into a deep sleep for about 10 minutes. I am also a voracious reader. I read two books a month. I found reading to be cathartic and an escape. I can get lost in a book for the night. During the time I am reading my book, I tend to turn my phone off and play music. 

C&C: Walk us through your ideal self-care Sunday.

N: On Sundays, I make an effort to look after myself. My biggest self-care routine is making breakfast and watching the news in the morning. It’s something that I have found calming and sets the tone for my fay. I then proceed to go to Yoga. Yoga has just been incorporated into my life recently, and I am loving it. Sometimes I grab lunch with friends or dinner. More importantly, before going to bed, I grab my gratitude journal and write down one or two good things that happened to me that day. I finish my day making a bath with Epsom salt with a glass of wine and a good book. When I feel good, I look good and vice versa. 

C&C: If you could only pick one self-care hack, what would it be and why?

N: Gratitude. Practicing gratitude is my favorite self-care hack. 

C&C: When you don’t have time for your normal self-care routine, what do you do to keep stress and anxiety at bay?

N: I know this might sound silly but drinking lots of water.  They always say anxiety is staying in the future. So, learning to shut my mind off an staying present is so imperative. 

C&C: Is there anyone you look to for self-care inspiration?

N: Yes. My Mother. She has an ability to balance work and life in a very admirable way.

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