Space Isn’t the Only Thing Your Growing Business Needs. The Secret to Success: Community. 

Every founder knows the growing pains that come with starting a business. Seeing your big business idea start to take off is certainly rewarding, and pat-on-the-back worthy, but then you have the question of where to take it next. How do you take things to the next level? Sometimes the next step is to move your business to a space where you have the room to expand, the ability to connect with others in your field, and the convenience of being able to work from almost anywhere.

But where should you take your company? If you’ve talked with other small business owners you’ve likely noticed that a lot of them are moving their operations into a co-working space.

Co-working spaces don’t just give you a physical place to run your business. They also provide a sense of community that you won’t get working from home or the neighborhood coffee shop. The pioneer in this movement is a company you’ve likely heard of before: WeWork. Scroll down for a special desk giveaway with WeWork + enter for a chance to win a complimentary desk at a space near you!

C&C worked closely with the WeWork team when we held our Chicago conference. We needed a lounge space for our VIP guests, and WeWork was the perfect spot. We also hosted our attendee happy hour at WeWork Kinzie. Once we saw a WeWork space for ourselves, we understood why so many businesses are taking the co-working route.

How do you know if it’s time to make this move? We’re giving you the full rundown.

You’re Running Out of Space—Literally

Maybe you started your business from your home. Some of the biggest corporations, including Google and Amazon, started in someone’s  garage, and look at them now. If you’ve reached a point where you’re no longer flying solo, it may be time to scope out your nearest WeWork location. There are different plans to choose from that can better fit the needs of you and your employees. They’re also a lot more affordable than building out your own space. You can check out pricing and membership options here.

You Love Collaboration

Moving into a co-working space means you’ll have access to hundreds of go-getters like you from across various industries. You can find potential business partners, form a brand partnership, or meet some great friends all in one space. WeWork thrives on providing its members with an open office environment that’s built for collaboration, teamwork, and lifelong relationships. A few other networking and collaboration opportunities that WeWork offers include office hours with investors and industry leaders, lunch-and-learn events where members share their knowledge and expertise, group meditations, and peer reviews.

Working Remotely Isn’t Your Jam

While working from home has been called the “millennial dream,” it’s not for everyone. Even if you’re on your own, WeWork provides the perfect space for a one-woman business. Rent a desk and it’s easy to get your business up and running. Yes, really. You’re also free to take meetings here once you’re building out a client roster or pitching yourself and your business to potential customers. It’s a great space to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives.


With over 268,000 members and 287 locations in 77 cities worldwide, there’s bound to be a WeWork location that is accessible to you. In C&C’s base of Los Angeles, there are 19 WeWork buildings alone. Check out the location listings to see if there’s a WeWork location near you.

Looking for a co-working space? Well, you’re in luck! We’re partnering with our business BFFs over at WeWork to giveaway two complimentary hot desks at WeWorks around the country! Enter your info below to enter for a change to win:

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  • Included in your Hot Desk Membership, you'll also gain access to the WeWork Member Network is a digital platform available on iOS, Android, and web that enables you to connect with other members and interact with your space.

Check out the terms & conditions here.