Dream Careers: This Woman Rode a Great White Shark

photo credit: Pexels 

photo credit: Pexels 

We love the beach as much as the next Cali-girl. But do you know what we love more? Women who are making waves.

That’s right. Ladies who are blue crushing their dreams and aspirations. And since we’re heading to Maui for a fab pop-up at the newly revamped Marriott Wailea with Kelly Oxford, Sophia Rossi, Grasie Mercedes, Whitney Leigh Morris, Carley Rudd and Barefoot Blonde, we wanted to dig into some local Maui women living out their career dreams in paradise.

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1. Marissa Eveland and Melissa Jasiny

This Maui-based duo are the co-founders of Issa de’ mar, a swimsuit line that began with a passion for hand-sewing their own swimwear and testing it on the local female surfers to make sure it could stand up to the elements. It did... and locals couldn’t love it more. The line, named after the founders’ combined nickname, “The Issa’s,” paired with the Hawaiian saying for “of the sea,” launched in March 2013. At first they sold suits out of a tiger painted ice cream truck with Roam Hawaii, a mobile marketplace they started with their closest friends. Word began to spread across the island that there were swimsuits that didn't sacrifice on look or North Shore performance. And while the duo may have at first experienced many late nights and tears when hand-sewn pieces didn’t fit as expected, everything is now moving along swimmingly. The brand is currently sold in major retailers everywhere from Hawaii to the Netherlands, proving fashion meets function swimwear is a radical market.

2. Ocean Ramsey

Growing up surfing and driving, Ramsey has always been close to sharks. Whether swimming alongside of them, studying them extensively, or educating others about their existence, sharks of all shapes and sizes hold a special place in her heart. Ocean has made it her life’s work to understand these often misunderstood and feared creatures. She takes daily free dives with sharks (in the open ocean), and now owns two local businesses that are centered around exposing locals and tourists alike to these ocean creatures. She has also hosted a TED Talk titled “How sharks affect us all”.  

3. Kimi Werner

A United States National Spearfishing Champion, a certified culinary chef, and an award winning artist, Kimi is a seemingly fearless babe who draws her life’s inspiration from the ocean. Known most readily as the woman who rode a great white shark (literally, here’s proof), we greatly admire her courage for tackling the impossible. Born in Maui, Werner is an accomplished spearfishing champion, but after years of competition, she quit the sport to focus on free driving and enjoying the ocean more holistically.

4. Chef Bev Gannon

Beverly Gannon is one of Maui’s most popular chefs. Born in Dallas, TX, Bev is a local culinary master and owner of several different restaurants on the Island. She is head chef at the Hali’maile General Store and as a result of her successful leadership, is also the author of a popular cookbook: “The Hali’imaile General Store Cookbook. As one of the OG chefs credited with the development of Hawaii regional cuisine in the ‘90s, Chef Gannon is a James Beard award winner.

5. Coco Ho

A member of the the Pro Surf Tour, Coco Ho is a local legend. Born in Honolulu, Coco began surfing at the age of 7. (NBD.) She was the champion at both the 2014 Los Cabos Open Of Surf WQS 6 Star and the 2014 Oceano Santa Catarina Pro WQS 6 Star. Coco has been voted top three in Surfer Magazine’s fan favorite surfer poll. And the pro surfer posed naked for ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, 2014 saying, “I want people to be able to embrace being strong. It is feminine and it is beautiful.” Mahalo and cheers to that.

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