Struggling with What to Get Your Boss on Her Birthday?

photo credit: Doran Poma/ Haute Beauty Guide 

photo credit: Doran Poma/ Haute Beauty Guide 

The newest line of designer greeting cards from Papyrus and Judith Leiber Couture will meet your needs for multiple upcoming holidays.

Judith Leiber Couture is a name synonymous with elegance, style and sophistication. For more than fifty years, the brand’s incomparable evening bags and crystal minaudières have been recognized worldwide for their meticulous attention to detail and flawless hand-craftsmanship. Frankly, you can’t take your eyes off of them. The same can be said for Papyrus greeting cards, which have made a mark in the industry as the premium, handcrafted greeting cards people give for the most cherished and special occasions. 

As part of their Designer Collaboration Series, Papyrus and Judith Leiber Couture have teamed up to develop a beautiful collection of one-of-a-kind greeting card designs inspired by the signature crystal-encrusted evening bags Judith Leiber Couture is known for. Luckily you don’t need a six-figure salary to own a piece of gem-encursted art; if a gorgeous Judith Leiber Couture bag isn’t currently in the cards for you (pun intended), there is definitely a piece in Papyrus’ line that will catch your designer-loving eye. 

The line includes an assortment of 15 greeting cards for a variety of occasions, including everyday, birthday and wedding. Also,a large selection of blank cards allows you to customize your message for a number of different occasions, like certain career milestones or personal accomplishments. 

Here are our card choices for a variety of occasions that call for a fabulous card sending moment!


People often wonder, do I buy my boss a birthday present? Do I not? How do I know how much money to spend? Our response: you can never go wrong with a thoughtful card. In this case, we love both the cake slice or the koi fish designs. (We can already hear the koi/coy puns rolling off your tongue.)


Celebrating the success of others is paramount to your own success. So, when your best gal pal tells you she came out on top from her salary negotiations, be ready to shower her with warm wishes and congratulations. Tell your friend that they are the unicorn of their company with the unicorn card. If this card doesn't bring out your inner dreamer, we don’t know what will.


Is someone in your life taking a leap and heading to the Big Apple to deep dive into the next wave of their career? Reward them for their bravery and conviction with a perfect see-you-later card. And obviously, the meticulously embellished New York card is perfect for this. Not only will this show your encouragement for the big move, but the sparkly design and 1,500 gems also make it frame-worthy keepsake they can keep forever. 


Graduating from college has so many emotions attached to it; it’s liberating, exhilarating and flat-out terrifying all at the same time. Show your little sis some support by writing her a warm note in the hot air balloon card like, “On to the next adventure, and on your way up”.  We think it perfectly captures this moment in her life she can reflect upon for years to come. 

These are cards are a ton of fun, but they certainly don’t skimp on the sentimentality either. They feel elegant, but entirely appropriate for all of your celebratory needs. The Papyrus X Judith Leiber Couture collection is now available online at The collection is also launching in select retailers, with nationwide availability coming in October.