When It Comes to Work, You Want to Be Basic

We’re not saying you’re average, but on average women spend 2.5 hours per week thinking about their wardrobe.

So how about being basic instead?

If your mornings are spent racing through your closet trying to beat the clock, only to have the clock win every. damn. time, it’s high time you reconsider your work wear and incorporate basics into your life. You shouldn't be late to morning meetings because you spent too much time getting dressed. Appearance at the cost of productivity or promptness, isn’t cool.  

“Having a wardrobe full of basics makes getting dressed so much easier,” shares Allie Greenberg, Senior Brand Marketing Manager of Richer Poorer, the Cali-based innerwear brand known for its socks, bralettes, and tees you don't want to take off. 

“I get to hit the snooze button at least two extra times each morning," says Greenberg, "because I know I can throw on a pair of jeans with an RP tee and look effortless and still totally put together.”

Hence the tag line: "Goes with Levi's...buys ten of them," in reference to the brand's beloved muscle tank.  

There are some rad arguments to be made for an office “uniform.” And no, it doesn't make you boring. Or less creative. It makes you smart.


If you’re thinking, ‘I’m creative!’ ‘I need my outfits to be creative,’ maybe you'll heed the advice of Richer Poorer Art Director Katherine Wang. “Our tees and tanks are the perfect anchor for creating outfits that are easy but still are unique to me," explains Wang. "I love wearing the crew pocket tee under all the jackets I wear year-round.”

Tara Rynne, Director of Marketing and Merchandising says she now has to "force" herself to wear different things. "RP tees work with every outfit: muscle tanks under jackets, the scoop V with jeans and fun jewelry, and the crew with cons.” 

Sounds like a buncha pros.


Stepping outside-the-box is important when it comes to business. Without a little discomfort, we never progress. (Think about the first time you spoke up in a meeting or asked for a raise... not easy stuff.) You gotta off-road to make inroads.

But when it comes to how you dress, comfort is key. The first step to feeling comfortable in front of others is feeling comfortable with yourself. How you dress and how you feel in your clothing has a major hand in this.

Other perks to working in the best basics brand out there?...

“Wearing super soft tees all day every day. Duh," says Alex Kirk, Marketing and Merchandising Manager. "Dressed up or dressed down, no one’s judging. Our muscle tank is by far my fave. The functionality of this silhouette is endless. Considering I have a bit of a hard time sitting still… at work, at home, driving too fast on my motorcycle, going a little too ham with friends on a Friday night, trying to beat my boyfriend at tennis, golf-- everything, the muscle tank allows me to be comfortable, feel good, and style to every occasion.”


Stop over-thinking it. Basic dressing at work is your hole-in-one. 

There isn’t anything you can’t wear with a tee these days. CEO and co-founder Iva Pawling is living proof that being a boss, a mom, and a fashionable babe are not mutually exclusive. Forget struggle, the trifecta is real. Even with 3 1/2 year old son Ford, who rules her roost in the am. 

“My child has an incredible ability to be the vortex of my morning minutes, so having a preset uniform of rotating basics has kept me looking like I still have it mildly together (it’s a lie). My muscle tank is my main go-to, whether it's layered under a sweater, dress or tucked into a pair of high waist pants, I feel good in it and can jet out the house quickly.”

Removing the day-to-day thinking about clothes frees up brain space. You need that-- we all need that.