Why It's Great That Not Everyone Will Love Your Work

The more connected that our world becomes, the more influencers there are, the more social media posts and best practice philosophies that there are, and the more comparison there is. We're bombarded with other people’s messages and a nagging feeling that we're not enough; that we could be doing so much more.

There’s better technology, cameras, styling props, improved platforms, more readers to capture, more email addresses, more Instagram followers to acquire and so on....Everyone else (apparently) is doing so much better and so much more than we are. They have more followers, bigger numbers, better websites and collaborations.

This perception and overwhelm often translates to inadequacy. We feel bad about what it is we’re doing. 

It isn’t enough. Except, it is. 

Focusing on 'what everyone else is doing' is less than helpful. You need to protect yourself and find the balance between being in a bubble and being inspired by those killing it around you.


Put the comparison game aside.  Focus for a sec on the cold-hard truth that your numbers aren't as big and your profile isn't as out there as someone else's? First of all, this will always be the case (unless you're Kim K).

Second, the reality is that not everyone will love you and your work. This is the truth for all of us and no matter how awesome you are or your work is, there's someone who it won't speak to. Whether from a brand perspective or your prospective audience.

Do you know why?

Because your message isn’t what they’re seeking and that is perfectly OK. In fact dare I say it's fabulous?! It means that as you're doing your thing, following your heart and speaking your true voice. Genuine and authentic followers, subscribers and even customers will follow.

Again, no matter how rockin’ your work and profile is, not everyone is buying what you’re selling and this is absolutely OK. An online course I studied this year highlighted a very important point when it came to sales pages. It discussed the concept of clearly stating within your copy who your product or service is NOT for, hence advising prospective customers that maybe they aren't prospective customers after all. That this concept was as crucial as telling them how fabulous whatever your selling was too.

There’s a two-fold strategy to this exercise; first off you've more than likely circumnavigated away from the future painful and unsatisfied customers of your business and second, you’ve represented up-front and unabashedly who you are what you’re all about to those who want to hear it. 

Following my studies I decided to take these lessons a step further and extend it to all of my work and communication; to really own my space and what I’m doing. I wasn't in competition with anyone else and it wasn't for purposes of profit or profile.  I chose to fine tune my voice, allow it to be heard even more clearly and not hold back with anything; whether that be a product, recipe or social media post; in case I put someone off.

"I chose to fine tune my voice, allow it to be heard even more clearly and not hold back with anything."

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I have put people off. Silently and without issue. I’ve also gained more subscribers, followers, profile and engagement; with these there come further excitement and possibility. You could argue it’s the whole quantity over quality debate. Although there was an initial drop off, and perhaps overall my numbers will be smaller from "owning my space" and therefore being more of a niche, but those who’ve elected to hear from me on various platforms actually want to hear from me.

I treat that as sacred and I know they feel that from me too. I’m able to deliver better quality to them because I’m not spreading myself thin trying to please and appeal to the entire world’s population. If you need further proof of this, check out how many blogs there are devoted to the humble succulent (and yes I love them too!)

We're all different and our tastes reflect as much. Learning to accept this point is the best thing that you can add to your blog. Do your thing and do it with all that you have. People pick up on and respond to that and besides it feels awesome!

So the next time that someone unfollows you or unsubscribes from your list fear not (within reason), wish them well on their quest and welcome with open arms those who have remained instead.

Nadia is a 29 year-old Sydney-sider, devoted to providing inspiration and tools to empower women in living a life of wellness; to be the best that they can! As an author, speaker and recipe developer she is a big dreamer and living proof that we can each do and be what we choose. Departing the corporate world in 2013 to follow her heart, Nadia has found it and attempts to seize the day, everyday. You can find her on FacebookInstagram and on her website.

An original version of this article appeared on Blog Society.