Tomboy KC's Guide to Living It Up In Dallas

Lynsey Eaton traded a life of practicing law in Los Angeles for one of blogging in Dallas, where she's the executive editor of Tomboy KC, a fashion and lifestyle site she co-runs with actress Katie Cassidy. You can catch Lynsey at #CreateCultivateDALLAS, speaking on our panel The Art of the Pitch: How to Present, Sell and Negotiate your Big Idea. In the meantime, we caught up with her and got her to give us some of her favorite places in her adopted city—because we know that if she loves them, we'll love them too (and so will you, obvi.)

"Both my husband and I were working as attorneys full time in Los Angeles and we were looking to make a transition.  Because Katie and I had plans for Tomboy KC and I could work from anywhere, we made the decision to move to any major metropolitan city that had the right job for my husband.  Dallas just happened to be it. When I first moved to Dallas, I wasn’t sure what the culture would be like.  With so much going on, moving from Los Angeles to Dallas didn’t automatically resonate as the right move for someone working on a lifestyle/fashion site.  But over the last two years, so much has changed in Dallas. It is growing in ways I never could have imagined and gaining a lot of national attention from the fashion industry—and for good reason.

Dallas style is evolving. There is still a very classic preppiness and Southern femininity that permeates the City.  That said, there is this strong undercurrent of a cool, self-expressionist vibe that has really started to take hold.  I’m excited about that. The work culture is supportive and Forbes recently put it on its list of “Best Places for Business and Careers.” And aside from having some of the best food in the country (you don’t know BBQ until you’ve stepped foot in Texas), Dallas has some amazing transitional neighborhoods (like Lower Greenville and Bishop Arts) that are really giving the city a new cool culture."—Lynsey

On date nights, hit Gemma.

On date nights, hit Gemma.

Best coffee shop: Magnolias Sous Le Pont

Best brunch spot: Henry’s Majestic

Best romantic restaurantGemma

Best clothing store: Forty Five Ten

Best neighborhood for strolling around on a Saturday afternoon: Bishop Arts

Best neighborhood for bar hopping on a Saturday night: Lower Greenville

Favorite place to pamper yourselfESPA

Best place to go for an iconic ‘Texas’ experience: The Rustic

The first place you take an out-of-town visitor: The rooftop at HG SPLY CO

A Berry Bramble at HG SPLY CO

A Berry Bramble at HG SPLY CO

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