Cultivating Collaborations: Fossil x Opening Ceremony

Some of the best ideas and work are born out of amazing collaborations. That is why we’re so excited for the Fossil x Opening Ceremony capsule collection.

Brimming with color and curiosity, the limited-edition line for men and women blends the best of both brands—midcentury nostalgia, high fashion, and international art—to deliver truly one-of-a-kind creations. With statement-making watches, quirky reversible bags, and whimsical accessories where the delight is in the (furry) details, the Fossil x OC Collection is definitely makings its way in our #OOTD’s this season and beyond.

When Fossil sat down with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (the creative brains behind the OC brand), they got an exclusive look into their world, heard about their first Fossil memory, and  celebrated the worldwide launch (along with a sneak peek of which pieces they’re calling “dibs” on.) You can shop the entire collection here.

Q: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Fossil?

A: When we think of Fossil, we fondly remember our first Fossil experiences: buying a timepiece or leather good that we wore so proudly when we were teenagers.

Q: Describe Fossil x Opening Ceremony in three words.

A: Unexpected, modernist, innovative

Q: Who is the Fossil x Opening Ceremony girl/guy? Who do you see wearing the collection?

A: The Fossil x Opening Ceremony girl and guy are culturally curious individuals who appreciate unexpected designs. The collection has a universal appeal, as it features styles that are youthful and refreshing as well as classic and beautiful—there's something for everyone. 

Q: Tell us about the process of designing this collection in partnership with Fossil. What were the highlights?

A: It's always fun for us to work with new partners who think differently and yet respect Opening Ceremony's point of view. For us, the highlight of any collaboration is always when we create objects we want for ourselves, and that's very true in this case. 

Q: We love how versatile the bags and cuff watches are, as well as the quirky details of the Sloth pouch and furry tails. Where did your inspiration come from?

A: Both Humberto and I have spent a lot of time traveling to exciting places in search of interesting, cutting-edge fashion and design, and inevitably, we've always been drawn to beautiful objects for the home. We decided that our collection would be inspired by our ideal of a dream home and all the souvenirs we’d collect and display in this home: from midcentury modern decor to a menagerie of animals masks, rugs, and prints.

Q: Why the (adorable) sloth?

A: When we were designing the accessories, we came up with a number of jungle and rainforest creatures we wanted to bring to life in a very integrated way. One of the designs we thought worked well as a bag was the sloth because of the way they hung off branches with their long arms. Plus, they have such cute faces!

Q: What piece do you most covet from the Fossil x Opening Ceremony capsule collection?

A: We really love the cuff—it's so chic!

Q: You, like us, love color. Which hue(s) do you like designing with the most?

A: We always appreciate a neutral, earthy palette with an unexpected pop of bright color (here, neon yellow). 

Q: How does this #FossilxOC collab tie into your ready-to-wear collection?

A: The collaboration ties effortlessly with our ready-to-wear collection, which expanded on the theme of a dream home. In fact, the watches were featured our runway show last September.

Q: What’s next for Opening Ceremony?

A: We have a ton of interesting projects coming up that we're excited to share with you all soon. We're also looking forward to our next collaboration with Fossil!