5 Essential Office Decor Tips from the Creative Director of High Fashion Home

Echo Marble Dining Table , available at highfashionhome.com 

Echo Marble Dining Table, available at highfashionhome.com 

Dolley Frearson is Co-Founder and Creative Director of High Fashion Home, a destination spot for anyone looking to revamp a space or choose from a huge variety of high design products equally high on value and quality. But the pieces offered aren't just for the home, no matter what the name says. 

With the shift in corporate culture (which, for many means buh-bye to the cubicle!) and the continued surge in startups, office spaces are starting to feel a bit more homey-- or at least somewhere you don't mind spending overtime in. We asked Dolley for her 5 essential tips for creating a "high fashion" office that feels like home/work. 


People think that an office (home, startup, or otherwise) needs to look like an actual corporate office; bookcases, filing drawers, and executive desk, etc. but it doesn't. Whether you spend 1 hour a day in there or 8 hours, your place of work should be a space that inspires you. So, think about places that inspire you-- whether it's a clean modern space like the Apple store, a hip boutique hotel, a feminine retreat to call you own, or a historical library with art work and books for inquisitive minds. Start with your inspiration and build around that.

Click through for four of my favorite desk picks. 



You don't want to build a study that no one uses. Think about who would use it the most and how you would use it. If you have a huge space, feel free to use a dining table instead of a desk (like the above Echo Marble Dining Table at the Create & Cultivate office in LA). With laptops, iPads and wireless printing these days, you no longer need the typical desktop computer technically. If you're like me and like to use your home office as a "study" or "library" for your kids to share, consider a round, oval or rectangular dining table with 4-6 chairs. It's also nice to have a larger table when they need to work on a school project or if your kids want to have a study group at home. If you don't want to share the space with the kids, a large table will still be nice if you need to share the space with your spouse or if you have meetings often or need more surface space for projects.

Click through for four of my favorite dining as desk picks. 



For those who like a clean canvas to clear their minds, a neutral wall color with monotone or muted colors in the furniture and accessories is the way to go. Some need color to bring them ideas and energy. If color inspires you, by all means find that perfect artwork or rug that has the colors you love in it. You can also go with a black or dark charcoal gray or any shade of deep blue. I personally love home offices to look like a hidden cave or jewelry box, but that's my way of creating an office retreat. This idea works best with an office room that has higher ceilings and windows for natural light. 


 Declutter your office (and your life) - I'm a strong believer in the saying "tidy house, tidy mind!" I think it's incredibly important to keep your home (and office) organized and simplified. Nowadays, there are so many great boxes, file boxes, trays, etc. to keep you organize. If you start off with the right tools, it will help keep your space in order.


If you love collecting books and objects, that's fine, but keep them organized and make them look like they have meaning on your shelves. If you have built-ins already but don't have enough books (or any at all), combine your current books or new and beautiful coffee-table books you love with some great accessories like objects, sculptures, pretty boxes, plants, etc. It's great way to inject color and add texture to your shelves. But keep these shelves a bit open so they don't look too cluttered and busy. There are so many great design blogs and Pinterest photos of bookshelves to give you some great ideas.