Links We Love: Pinksourcing, SNL's first Latina comic, and what is a "lady"?

It's Friday, and you've been so overwhelmed with work that you haven't had a chance to look over your Facebook feed. Maybe you just needed to look at a few puppy videos to get you to Friday and completely ignored everything else.

Don't worry - we've got you covered with what you missed and what helped make headlines this week:

Kudos to H&M to celebrating the unapologetic lady in their new commercial.

So what is the definition of a "lady"?

Speaking of ladies, have you heard of "Pinksourcing" your business?

Pinksourcing shows the realities of women working in the US, yet women are scolded for working while sick and taking time off for being sick. Point and case this week: Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of women in politics, here's how Obama's female staffers came up with a brilliant strategy to make sure their voices were heard.

Meanwhile, women continue to battle the wage gap. While many of them do ask for raises, they still don't receive them.

However, progress is still happening one way or another: Melissa Villaseñor is just got cast as SNL's first female comic. And OMG, is her Owen Wilson impression the best her Owen Wilson impression the best ever.

NYFW is almost done, but we're not over the fact that THINX just put on the most empowering anti-NYFW event. Bravo Miki Agrawal.

For the LULZ, remember that guy that tried to say how you should eat Phô? Well, this response is even better and just as ridiculous.