How These 6 Influencers Plan to Own Their 2018

Photo credit: Pam Hetlinger

There are so many ways to approach resolutions. And holding yourself accountable is one surefire way to make the new year count. 

So we checked in with some of our favorite bloggers and influencers to see how they're heading into 2018. From taking breaks to putting health first, they are going to make 2018 count. 

The question is: what are you waiting for? 

Bri Emery Is on the Path to Feelin' Good. 

It sounds cliche but I am focused on my health. Less wine nights during the week, more water. take my vitamins. slow down when my body signals me to. I had a lot of health issues this year and I want to really put my health first and remember to be grateful when I’m feeling good!

Nicolette Mason Is Going to Take It Easy. 

2017 was such a personally and professionally challenging year! We launched Premme, a fashion-forward plus-size clothing line, in July, and leading up to the launch and since then, it has been non stop! So my goal for 2018, honestly, is to slow down a little and take some breaks. I’m really overdue for a vacation - and am promising myself I’m going to book a real getaway ASAP!

Simply Cyn Want to Keep It Simple.

Be more organized. (ed. note: enough said.) 

Kristin Ess Is Going Big. 

My New Years resolution is to get Kristin Ess Hair international.

Pam Hetlinger Has Her Sights Set High. 

My New Years resolution in 2018 is to continue following my dreams and doing everything I can to achieve them.

Bianca Alexa Is In Search of Balance. 

Definitely to get back in shape and to have a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

What about you? How you plan on slaying 2018? Share in the comments below.