The Power of Personalization (And Why It's Not A Fad)

photo by  Mark and Graham  

photo by Mark and Graham 

Initials. Nicknames. Catchphrases. We’ve all got ‘em.

Maybe it’s a nickname you were given as a kid, and you’ve grown to love. Maybe it’s a motto that you’ve chosen to live your life by. Whatever it may be, there’s a nostalgia that comes along with adopting something that represents you to the outside world.

Back in the day (‘90s babies, we’re looking at you), monogramming was the easiest way for you (and let’s be honest, your parents) to easily identify your backpack in the sea of other Jansport carry-alls.

But as we’ve gotten older (and hopefully more mature…), we’ve brought our desire for product personalization with us. We’ve gone as far as wanting to don our personal branding on denim jackets, leather totes, even bandanas.

What is it that we love so much about adding our personal imprint onto things?  Well, think of it like a fingerprint, it’s distinct to you and symbolizes ownership, which frankly, makes us feel special, maybe even a little important.

Mark & Graham, a leather goods and timeless gifts company, recognized the emotional connection we have to adding our emblems on products and capitalized on it, BIG TIME.

Not only do they offer monogramming as an easy add-on to each order, they also make the monogramming options anything but uniform — with over 100 ways to customize each monogram. That’s a whole lot of options and boy, do we love it!

Adding a personal touch to your job application could be the difference between landing the interview and getting stuck in the abyss with all the other generic, predictable resume. 

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What if we took this same principle and applied it to something maybe a little less glamorous? Say, the job hunt? Or our office? Hear us out for a minute!

Adding a personal touch to your job application could be the difference between landing the interview and getting stuck in the abyss with all the other generic, predictable resumes…. and we don’t want that for you. 

So, let’s talk about how you separate yourself from the pack by injecting a little personality! Hint: it’s time to ditch the Times New Roman and shed the frivolous space-fillers.

Jazz Up the Format

Whether they admit it or not, most people are driven by aesthetics. They like things that are clean, curated, and look like a decent amount of thought went into putting it together (it’s why we love Instagram so much). Your resume should be no different. Add personal design touches by mixing up the format, injecting a signature color, or even adding in the logo from your blog you’ve been curating for years.

Want to make design changes, but  don’t feel exactly design-inclined? Head to marketplaces like Etsy, where people put their graphic design backgrounds to good use and make one-of-a-kind templates that you can purchase and then populate with your information!

Tailor the Content 

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but for good reason. It may take longer, but spend the time editing your resume to best fit the job description you are applying for. Why take up prime real estate on your resume with something that doesn’t pertain to the exact job at hand? Personalize it to the job you are applying for. Everyone wants to feel a little special.

Once, you’ve landed the job…

Personalize your Space 

No matter what kind of desk you have -- cubicle, co-working, or corner office, there are ways to make your space say, hey world, this is my little corner of the working universe. Perhaps a Leather Charger Rollup, so no one gets confused about whose is whose. A monogrammed Copper Pencil Cup is also a brilliant idea for making sure you write down your brilliant ideas. (Also serves as a wonderful gift for a co-worker…) And a personal Desk Embosser has the word ‘boss’ in it for good reason.

Tell us, how are you standing out and adding your personal touch to life?