The *ONE* Word These 7 Women Want You to Stop Using

Every woman has her choice go-to 'pause' word.

The phrase that fills in moments when we're filled with doubt. They seep into our speech and glom onto any sentence they can.  

But we're here to suck those bad boys right out. 

Because we want you to be as secure in your public speech as you are in your mirror pep-talks. So we checked in with seven amazing women, CEOs, bloggers, and bosses to find out what words they're officially over. 

1. Nicolette Mason: My one word would be "SORRY."

I think as women we are socialized to apologize for EVERYTHING: for being outspoken, having an opinion, being brazen, taking up space. I'm trying my best to practice saying "thank you" instead of "sorry," as in "thank you for your understanding." It's a small shift in language that I think makes a huge difference! 

2. Liz Plank: "I don't belong here."

Don't fool yourself into thinking you don't deserve to be where you are. Take what is yours. Own it. And then use it to change the world.

"Take what is yours. Own it. And then use it to change the world."

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3. Iva Pawling: "JUST" stop

“JUST” stop fn using JUST. Hi, JUST want to check in. NO. I still find myself writing it, then going delete delete delete. It’s such a - I don’t want to push to hard - female thing. Dudes NEVER do it.

4. Courtney Kerr: (We've got a repeat offender) "JUST"

"I just wanted to know..."

"I just wanted to circle back..."

"I just think..."

JUST. STOP. Using this word makes us sound hesitant, unsure, and nervous in our communication with people. It's almost like asking for permission for what you're about to say. Instead, speak in absolutes, like the confident, bad-ass woman you are. 

"I need to know..."

"I am circling back..."

"I think/believe..."

"Speak in absolutes, like the confident, bad-ass woman you are."

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Try it for a day and see how empowering it actually can be. The conversation you're having might shift and you might get a more respectful response! 

5. Brit Morin: "I'm not creative." 

"I'm not creative." -- I hear this phrase over and over from women anytime I try to get them to participate in a creative project with me. In fact, it was one of the reasons I felt so compelled to start Brit + Co! We are all creative beings -- we were literally designed as humans to make and create. The only thing stopping us is our insecurity and inability to embrace failure. This needs to change.

6. Jen Pinkston: "I Think..."

Let's stop using the phrase, "I think," shall we? It's lacking in self-confidence and undermines our knowledge and experience on the subject. Consider replacing it with "I believe" or "my recommendation would be..."

7. Nikisha Brunson: "Can't"

With the word "can't" you are already submitting to self defeat, you're doubting yourself, and creating a barrier. Our attitudes and beliefs are so powerful. They shape our daily lives by creating opportunities and breaking down barriers.

What's one word you're working on removing from your vocab? Share below!