How One Vogue-Approved Stylist Became a Shaman

Photo: Alli Parfenov

Photo: Alli Parfenov

What is it like to be the well-dressed girl at a cocktail party that also hears voices...and NO they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

My name is Colleen McCann. I am a Shaman, who also happens to wear fake eye-lashes and high-heels to work. Seven years ago amidst a successful 15-year career in fashion I got a ping from the universe to make a huge life shift. I started hearing voices...having premonition dreams....seeing ghosts...and being told by street randos that I was a healer. A what? I said the same thing. This school of thought did not lineup with my mid-west Irish Catholic upbringing. So what was a girl to do? I went full-on Shaman! What’s my street-cred now? I study three lineages of Shamanism (Nordic, Mexican and Peruvian).  I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive Medium, Crystals Expert, Feng Shui student and teach Shaman School.


My initial intention when jumping into the crystal-laden rabbit hole was to “silence” the voices or at the very least deal with my inner-freak. Then it turned into a greater path for wellness, connection with myself, and how I was showing up in the world.  Even though I looked good from the outside I wasn’t exactly happy with my job, I didn’t feel fulfilled in my relationships and felt like something was missing. As I started tapping into my intuition I had more faith in the road I was being led down. The treasure hunt was on!


So exactly where does one turn in a situation like this? I was fucking scared, embarrassed, and uneducated on all subjects of mystical matters.  I listened to the “spiritual bricks” that were hurled at my head and skeptically started on a path of my own personal healing and awakening. After a pit-stop at my friendly neighborhood psychic’s office and finding a spiritual mentor, I did what any brazen New York girl would have done: I traded my high-heels for hiking boots and decided to get educated on all things mystical in the wilds of South America.  To be clear, this wasn’t an overnight process. I worked full-time on set in NYC and basically put myself through esoteric college (again!). PS. I also didn’t tell anyone in my life about my metamorphosis. It’s not exactly a casual happy hour conversation.



After going through the mystical wringer, I had manifested a whole new calling out of this adventure to reclaim my sanity.  I decided to break the sound barrier on the “slashie mold” and started Style Rituals. I use my fashionista roots AND my spiritual know-how to realign the energetic body with the physical body.  I may still revamp someone’s closet, but now the vamping includes: removal of low vibrational clothing, doing an energy healing, Intuitive Crystal Readings, a heart-to-heart with the clients spirit guides and a good ol’ fashion Shamanic bonfire with your ex-boyfriends t-shirt.  As I fling the doors open I look at someone’s closet as a window to their soul as well as a giant Tarot card reading waiting to happen. I started seeing clients in my already existing tribe of stylists, designers, models, editors, beauty execs, photographers, lady boss VPs, fashion houses and PR teams.

I address the underlying issues in my well-dressed community-- who better than me to truly understand the unique brand of pressure and stress they experience day-to-day? While my clientele has since expanded I started with who and what I knew.

"I am honored to help women remember what makes their heart beat faster." 

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I have been called racy, outspoken and untraditional in both the fashion and spiritual community, as I compare crystals to black skinny jeans, colonics and Xanax. Well, I say hell-yes and thank-you to being the black sheep in the room! All of my out-of the box thinking around business has allowed me to do what I love everyday and serve my community.  Besides seeing private clients I lead workshops and guest lectures on my favorite subjects: Spiritual Hygiene, Flexing Your Intuitive Muscle, and Crystals.  Fashion and beauty brands hire me to do Intuitive Crystal Readings at their press events…don’t worry I always bring mystical gift bags for the attendees.  I am the House Shaman for GOOP and as such collaborate with them on mystically-minded products, and work as a Spiritual Influencer with many other industry outlets.  PS. I am “Vogue-approved.”


I am honored to help women re-gain their sovereignty, harness their personal power and remember what makes their heart beat faster.  AND just because the universe has a sense of humor, I also work with women who are spiritually blasting wide open just like I did.  I help them iron out the “kinks” shall we say.

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