We Asked 8 Women What Makes Them Feel the Most Confident

Confidence. A word that’s thrown around in discussions with your friends, colleagues, fitness instructors -- seemingly everywhere. While the dictionary defines confidence as, “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities, ”I argue that we each have unique definitions of the word. For me, confidence means being authentically myself in all facets of my life. For my best friend, it’s feeling comfortable in her own skin. Confidence is different for everyone — but the common thread? We can all benefit from a little bit more of it.

Confidence is crucial in so many areas of our lives. Feeling confident in the workplace is complicated. We can get so entrenched in the day-to-day that we forget to acknowledge our efforts and  value. Acknowledging your achievements can help you boost your attitude, get you that raise and so much more! If that sounds impossible, you can make a small step today with the help of IT Cosmetics.


We recently hosted an intimate brunch to celebrate women that Show IT Off. Jamie Kern Lima, Founder & CEO of IT Cosmetics, has poured her “heart and soul into creating truly innovative and effective problem-solving products that make you look and feel your most beautiful.” Developed with plastic surgeons, IT Cosmetics creates clinically-tested, makeup and skincare products that provide life-changing results. The  product that gives all women an instant confidence boost? Their award-winning Your Skin But Better  CC+ Cream with SPF 50.  It’s your all-in-one extra dose of confidence that is not only full coverage and color-correcting, but also features broad-spectrum physical sunscreen, anti-aging ingredients and all the hydration you need!  Hyperpigmentation? Dark circles? Other skin concerns? Don’t worry, it really does it all, and comes in a range of shades and three finishes, including original, illumination and oil-free matte to complement every skin tone!

Want to hear other ways to feel confident? These women Show IT Off and share their wisdom below.

Daniela Ramirez


“I feel the most confident when I’m at home with my baby, and I just take all my makeup off and put my favorite moisturizer on.”

Emilie Sobel


“My cat eye eyeliner is what makes me feel most confident every single day.”

Natasha Lee-Duhaney


“The thing that makes me most confident is probably a bold lip, I don’t have one on right now, but when I have a red bold lip, I’m the most confident.”

Carolina Lindo


“What makes me feel more confident is having good skin. I’m obsessed with skincare, so I never sleep with makeup and I always wear sunblock.

Kelly Saks


“A bold lip makes me feel the most confident because, even if I don’t have any other makeup on, it just draws attention to my smile and it makes me feel really glamorous.”

Stacie Diamantides


“My sense of humor.”

So tell us — what makes you feel the most confident?