Beauty Game Musts this Festival Season


Let’s be honest: do you love festival season for the music, or for the fabulous beauty looks? If you said both, you’re a Nature's Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails kind of girl. You know that the looks debuted in Palm Springs this month set the tone for summer beauty trends, and you know that taking care of your hair, skin and nails will create a healthy foundation from within for your latest creative look!

This past weekend, Nature’s Bounty joined us at the Create & Cultivate Desert Pop Up Event in Palm Springs, where we had a day full of fun, food, beauty and conversation, not to mention, guests got some super chic pink manicures with adorable festival-inspired stickers to kick off festival season the right way.

Thanks to our friends and partners at Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails, we’ve put together five beauty routine “musts” to prep for festival season, and one beauty challenge, should you accept it.


We all know that festival season brings out the heat, and a sweaty debut isn’t our favorite look. Purchase a setting powder with SPF (yes that Palm Springs sun is no joke) that mattifies, shines and sets makeup. Key for long days in the desert. Its sweat-resistant formula will also smooth your skin’s appearance and reduce shine. Plus, it’s easy to re-apply through the day.


We all know un-manicured nails are no fun (re: boring). Spice up your look with a fun splash of color, and make sure your nail game is strong. The best part about festival season is that you have free reign to be bold and daring! So show us what you got!


If you want to look and feel the part this festival season, it’s important to remember that beauty starts from within! While of course doing things like applying your daily moisturizer and sunscreen will always be key, don’t forget to nurture your inner beauty as well.  

Nature’s Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies are a delicious addition to your beauty game! These gummy vitamins work from within to support lustrous hair, healthy nails and vibrant skin.*

If you’re new to taking vitamins and supplements and want to test things out first before adding to your beauty routine, check out the Nature's Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails Challenge, which is a great way to try Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies or Softgels for one month, risk-free. By providing the vital nutrients your body needs everyday including Biotin, Vitamin C and E, Nature's Bounty is helping you look and feel your best*. Consider it an essential part of anyone’s festival prep routine (you can thank us later)!


If you want a fresh-face with your braid, but you don’t have time to get up on the zzz’s, a gel eye mask can really do wonders. Eye masks can hydrate and moisturize the delicate eye area for an immediate de-puff effect. With a cooling effect, skin under the eyes is left feeling comforted and refreshed whilst arnica extract helps reduce appearance of baggy eyes and puffiness for an instantly brighter eyed appearance. A gel eye mask treatment is a great idea to prep the under eye area before a big event.


If you want to be able to hop from pool party to pool party without reapplying mascara (or, le sigh, having it run down your face) take a hour pre-festival and get your lashes done. There are plenty of spots where you can nab a full or half set of mink lashes. They last for up to six weeks and will actually have people asking, "Did you wake up like that?"


Make sure to hydrate. A lack of fluids can leave you looking tired after a long flight-- and that’s the last thing you want. Plus, the more you hydrate, the more you glow.

What are your beauty tips for festival season? Share in the comments below! And be sure to take the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Challenge.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

photo credit: Becki Smith House Photo