Everything You Missed at Our Resistance Rises Pop-Up in Atlanta

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Resistance. Defined as the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. It's easy to sit by and let things happen; it's harder to stand up and fight for what’s right.  And that’s something we’ve all been faced with all of our lives and particularly within the last few years. It’s also why we’ve teamed up with Amazon Prime Video and its hit-show The Man in the High Castle, which has resistance embedded in its core storyline and characters. Together, our goal is to bring you compelling, noteworthy, and inspiring conversations that we hope will encourage everyone here to go out and shake shit up.

The last and final stop during our Resistance Rising pop-up took place in Atlanta, GA We flocked to the Ponce City Market- RFD Social On The Roof, and the energy in the room was electric - to say the least. Our ATL pop-up was made particularly special thanks to our lovely speakers Nikia Phoenix, Ruthie Lindsey, Jen Winston, and Eryn Eddy.

The ladies discussed the true meaning of resistance, how it started, and what it means to each of them. They also touched on how productive discomfort can encourage women to go out and make a change, but still touched on the importance of putting yourself first. The audience also learned on how to use questions as a tool to effectively speak to people who may have difference beliefs or stances on different issues. Overall, the room was electrifying and made our visit to Atlanta one for the books. Ahead, some key takeaways from the conversation and more information on how you can get registered to vote and make a difference.

Mic-Drop Moments

I created @girlpowersupply to keep me mad. Keep my followers mad + bring education to my community. - Jen Winston, Girl Power Supply

I need all women to vote for Stacey Abrams. Men are running shit right now + they don’t know what they’re doing + I’m not having it any more. - Nikia Phoenix, Black Girl Beautiful

We need to reclaim our image. Black women are painted as these characters. We outspend everybody on beauty + hair products. Why aren’t more brands catering to us? This is crazy! We need to start owning our shit. Black Girl beautiful starts now. -Nikia Phoenix, Black Girl Beautiful

Pain is universal but it does not have to be the end of your story. It can make you so much softer, so much more beautiful + so much more whole. It gives you eyes to see people the way you’ve never seen them. - Ruthie Lindsey

When women of color call out racism in your feminism it’s like telling you that you have something in your teeth and you need to fix your face. - Jen Winston, Girl Power Supply

We all live in a very filtered world but we are craving honesty. My community has taught me that we're thirsty for vulnerability. - Eryn Eddy, So Worth Loving

Someone can say you’re not good enough, you’re flawed, you’re not worth loving. People can get so close to you that they dictate how you should be treated and if you’re impressionable enough, you’ll let them treat you that way. So you have to know your worth. - Eryn Eddy, So Worth Loving

I will make myself look in the mirror and tell myself “You’re SO Loved.” And then we get to go out and be that mirror to everyone you see. Do Affirmations! - Ruthie Lindsey

We can’t do the work we’re doing if we aren’t able to help ourselves and that’s work every day. - Jen Winston, Girl Power Supply
As women, we’re taught to take care of everyone else but ourselves. - Nikia Phoenix, Black Girl Beautiful

We teach people how to see us. When you walk in a room and you know how loved you are, you don’t need other to need you. - Ruthie Lindsey

You can’t sit in someone else mess until you’ve acknowledged yours. - Eryn Eddy

Vulnerability is strength. Showing someone you didn’t understand something at first or look at it  from their perspective shows other people that you’re credible and it makes other people less afraid to fail. - Jen Winston, Girl Power Supply

As white women, we have a responsibility to speak to white women in a way that advocates for our friends. Because we can say the same thing as a black women but they come across as an angry black woman. And it makes my skin crawl but it’s the truth. - Ruthie Lindsey

We have to genuinely be each other’s allies. We have to genuinely advocate for each other. We have to look past race, class and know that there are human beings that are suffering based on these policies and we can’t let that happen. We have to speak up for each other. - Nikia Phoenix, Black Girl Beautiful

Calling people out is literally the least we can all do. And don’t expect a reward for it. You’re becoming a decent person. - Jen Winston, Girl Power Supply

Feminism, women’s rights is not a mother fucking trend. You can’t see another women suffering and not help her out. It’s not a trend. - Nikia Phoenix, Black Girl Beautiful

The one thing I’ll never stop fighting for is… 

Women - Ruthie Lindsey

Honesty - Eryn Eddy, So Worth Loving

Black people - Nikia Phoenix, Black Girl Beautiful

Black people - Jen Winston, Girl Power Supply

Join the Resistance - VOTE!!!

We’re encouraging our readers to get out and vote in the November elections, as registration in many cities will be closing soon. To find out the deadline for your state, click here. And yes, you can register to vote online and the process takes an average of two minutes or less to complete. Head to the polls, and most importantly, resist.

While we wait for November, be sure to catch Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle only on Amazon Prime Video and use the hashtag #ResistanceRises to join in on the conversation online!