Pack This, Not That: Anine Bing Shares Her 10 Travel Essentials for the Plane

Traveling is fun but it can also be taxing on your body, especially when your job requires you to be on a plane every other week—because let’s be honest, planes are breeding grounds for bacteria. So, how do you stay healthy and make your flight more enjoyable? In our new series, Pack This, Not That we ask regular jetsetters—from CEOs to entrepreneurs—to share the carry-on essentials they won’t board a plane without.

If you’ve ever stumbled across Anine Bing’s Instagram account then we guarantee it took you on a deep dive down the feed, saving inspirational images along the way. Her style is inimitable and achievable all at once, equal parts aspirational and relatable. And you’re not alone in your obsession—721,000 people follow her every style move on the platform clicking to buy and mimic her effortless looks.

Besides her thriving online site (which includes her cool kids line) Bing has opened multiple stores across the world from London to Paris. She’s a total boss—it’s why she made it onto our C&C 100 list this year. But that also means she travels extensively to cut the ribbon on new boutique openings and check on the status of existing ones. So, of course, we were intrigued to know what her carry-on essentials are.

Read on to find out Bing’s 10 travel essentials for the plane, and shop them for your next trip.

Anine Bing Charlie Boot

Travel Essential: Anine Bing Charlie Boots
Price: $699
Why I Love It: “I take these boots with me on every trip. I love wearing them to the airport because they are easy to slip in and out of, plus they go with everything.” 

Think Thin protein bar

Travel Essential: Think Thin Protein & Superfruit Bar, Pack of 9
Price: $18
Why I Love It: “I am a sugar addict, lately I’ve been trying to replace my candy snacking with healthier options but I always have a snack packed with me for long flights.”

Anine Bing Croco Tote

Travel Essential: Anine Bing Croco Tote
Price: $599
Why I Love It: “This is the perfect carry-all to pack every essential in and even fits all the stuff for my kids when we travel as a family.”

Anine Bing Indio Sunglasses

Travel Essential: Anine Bing Indio Sunglasses
Price: $179
Why I Love It: “These are the perfect accessory to add a touch of glamour to any look, especially when I’m on vacation and wearing minimal makeup.”

Anine Bing Military Jacket

Travel Essential: Anine Bing Kim Military Jacket
Price: $249
Why I Love It: “Weather is so unpredictable, I love packing pieces that can easily take a look from day to night and something that adds a little edge. This jacket is my current obsession.”

Joanna Vargas Sheet Mask

Travel Essential: Joanna Vargas Glow-to-Go Mask Set
Price: $75
Why I Love It: “I never go anywhere without a sheet mask. I’ll do them right on the plane or after I get to my destination. It’s the perfect way to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed.”

Vitajuwel crystal drink bottle

Travel Essential: VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottle
Price: $78
Why I Love It: “I take my reusable water bottle everywhere. I’ve learned that staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to beat jet lag.”

Anine Bing notebook

Travel Essential: Gartner Studios Black Leather Journal
Price: $14
Why I Love It: “I am always inspired by things I see when traveling and like to keep notes of what I love to take back to the design studio.”

Anine Bing Savage Rose Perfume

Travel Essential: Savage Rose Perfume Oil
Price: $69 
Why I Love It: “This scent keeps me feeling refreshed and calm. I throw it in my bag and apply touch-ups throughout the day.”

blowpro dry shampoo

Travel Essential: blowpro Faux Dry Shampoo with Pure Protein Blend
Price: $19
Why I Love It: “For vacation days where I don’t want to spend time getting ready, this powder is a lifesaver. It keeps my hair looking refreshed even when I don’t want to wash it.”

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