No Gym Required: At Home Work-Outs from Love Sweat Fitness

I created Love Sweat Fitness as a community where women can come to be inspired, and inspire one another to live fit, healthy—and most importantly—balanced lives!

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor I am constantly asked what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. The answer is quite simple; eat clean balanced meals and workout consistently. Easier said than done right? Between jobs, families, friends and other obligations, it can seem impossible to make this happen, but I promise you it’s not and it’s 100% worth it.

There is a misconception that in order to be fit you need to spend hours in the gym. It’s just not the case.

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There is a misconception that in order to be fit you need to spend hours in the gym. It’s just not the case. I should know...before starting my fitness career, I lost 45 lbs. without stepping foot inside of a gym. In my experience, women are looking for the same thing: Quick and effective workouts they can easily incorporate into their daily routines, and I am all about creating workouts that will do just that.

Beyond wanting to look great, working out offers amazing benefits for your mental, physical and emotional well-being. You can expect all of the following to be improved from each sweat sesh: mood, creativity, immunity, cognitive function, better sleep, and less stress. I know we could all use some more of all of this!

The most important piece of advice I can share with anyone starting a new workout routine it to listen to your body and don't be afraid of weights! I love mixing up weight training, circuits, intervals and other high-energy exercises to ensure you get the absolute best results in a short amount of time. I wanted to share one of my favorite at-home workouts with you. I also have tons of great workouts you can do ANYTIME on my YouTube channel as well!

What You’ll Need:

·      Towel

·      Water

·      1 Set of Dumbbells

What to do:

·      Complete each exercise moving as quickly as you can

·      Take 2 min break after completing all exercises

·      Repeat set 1-2 more times.



Step By Step Exercises

Burpees: 10

• Start standing up with feet hip distance apart
• Hop down and back into a plank
• Hop knees forward and out of your plank
• Exhale and come back to standing
CHALLENGE: Explode into a jump as soon as you return to standing

Butterfly Crunches: 20

• Laying on your back, press soles of the feet together to touch, knees open wide
• Hands rest behind your head, elbows out wide
• Draw the belly button into the spine
• Exhale as you lift the shoulders off of the ground
• Lower back down one inch when you inhale, then repeat
CHALLENGE: Lift and lower your feet in time with your shoulders

Squats With A Shoulder Press: 15

• Start with feet hip distance apart and your weight back in your heels
• Sit back and down, lowering to bring hips in line with knees
• Keep chest lifted and keep knees stacked over heels

• Bring weights to shoulders as you sit into squat
• Push through heels to come to standing and squeeze booty at the top

• Exhale and press weights overhead as you stand

Bicycle Crunches: 30

• Laying on your back, bring knees to a table top position
• Rest hands behind head with elbows open wide
• As you exhale, lift right shoulder off the mat, crossing to meet left knee at center while right leg elongates to hover
• Switch to opposite side (left shoulder to right knee) and repeat

Walking Lunges: 20

• Step right foot out into a lunge
• Knee stacks over ankle on front leg
• Keep pelvis tucked
• Pushing through front heel, step feet together and switch legs

Plank Jacks: 20

• Start in plank position
• Keep hips and booty down in line with heels and crown of the head
• Jump feet apart about two feet
• Exhale and jump feet back together
• Repeat in and out


Katie Dunlop, CPT is a health and fitness expert. After her own 45lb weight-loss transformation, Katie created Love Sweat & Fitness to inspire women to live fit, healthy, and most importantly, balanced lives. She believes you have to love what you’re doing or you won’t keep doing it. Her goal is to provide fun and effective workouts women will love at any fitness level and with little to no equipment needed.

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