Behind The Stage: How The C&C Team Built Our Desert Pop Up Event

Putting on a Create & Cultivate event takes some serious teamwork. From the first idea to the last panel, from setup to the final IG post, the C&C team has to stay in constant communication to keep production, talent coordination, brand partnerships, and marketing efforts on track. And we know our situation isn’t unique—all teams thrive when they have great communication and collaboration systems in place.

That’s why we’re partnering with Microsoft Teams to show you how we bring events like our Desert Pop Up to life. Our Teams documentary gives a behind-the-stage look at what it took to put the pop up together—and how we used Teams chat, file sharing, and video conferencing to make it all happen.

Heading back to Palm Springs was a big homecoming for us—the first-ever Create & Cultivate event was held in Palm Springs, with just 50 attendees! We’ve grown juuust a bit since then: more than a thousand people attended this year’s event. See how we did it bigger and better this year in the mini-doc below!

How We Use Teams To Bring Events To Life

0:55 - Our production, accounts, and digital teams work closely on campaigns. To keep things organized, we keep all our brand briefs, deadlines, and working files in shared PowerPoint docs. Teams makes it easy to share those files between coworkers.

1:20 - Well before events take place, our production team is on the ground scouting venue options. Our senior producer, Lainey, put together a floor plan for the event to present to the team in an online meeting to make it easy for everyone to understand their roles at the venue.

1:42 - While much of our team is on-site, the others are back in LA working on prepping digital assets. Team chat and online meetings make it easy for us to stay in touch in real-time—we can even send a quote from a speaker back to our designer to illustrate before the panel is even over.

2:40 - Our partners are located all over the country—sometimes we don’t ever meet our contacts in real life! So when we need to collaborate with them on pop-up designs or digital campaigns, we add them as guests to our chats so they can review PowerPoint presentations and creative documents. Feedback is easy, communication is smooth, and both our sponsors and our team leave happy and ready to tackle the job.

Need to streamline your team’s processes and create a collaborative hub for your business? Download Microsoft Teams today to get a jump start on teamwork success!