Create & Cultivate 100: Entrepreneur: Cyndi Ramirez

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photo credit: Hao Zeng for Interview Magazine 

photo credit: Hao Zeng for Interview Magazine 

As the master manifestor behind New York’s coolest relaxation destination, Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez is just heating up.

Her buzzy brainchild—a hybrid nail studio, café, and spa—has notoriously tense city-dwellers kicking off their Margielas in favor of a manicure and massage. A refreshing respite from the barrage of crystal-and-reishi saturated wellness blogs, Chillhouse just gets that a shoulder rub pairs best with a glass of wine and a little grub. As founder of food-meets-fashion website Taste The Style and partner in the hospitality group behind some of New York’s hottest haunts, read on to discover how the wellness renegade stays chill and finds balance.

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Name: Cyndi Ramirez 

Instagram Handle: @cyndiramirez

Business Instagram Handle: @chillhouse

What are the common challenges you've seen among female business owners and entrepreneurs? 

Lack of resources, fear of the unknown, fear of failure. 

What was the turning point that convinced you, it's time to take matters into my own hands people just need to chill? 

Hah. I think I just really saw a void in the relaxation space. It was so linear and sterile. It was time to shake it up a bit and create a space that folks immediately feel at ease upon arriving. 

What's the number one stress point you hear from customers? 

Not enough time in the day. 

When you're feeling particularly stressed out, where do your drive and passion come from? 

I close my eyes, take a deep breath and just tell myself everything is going to be alright. I then just dive into an area of work that inspires me, whether that's mood boarding, or buying something new for the store. 

When you run into a career obstacle, how do you find new roads? 

I reach out to people who are smarter than me and ask a lot of questions. People want to help you! I forget that sometimes. There are more people out there that want to see you succeed than not. Lean on those, not the rest. 

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Flaky people with bad attitudes. 

What are your biggest fears about running a business? 

That everyone will one day decide they hate me and leave me? Haha, too much? I think you always fear the worst but hope for the best. I don't actually think anything like this would happen to me but don't we all worry we're going to fail on our darkest days? 

What's something you'd like people to know about your job that they probably don’t? 

That I'm constantly getting pulled in 80 directions. Keeps thing interesting. 

Every day there is someone in your shadow. How can we stay original when we are so saturated by other people's work? 

Oh that's such a great question. I'd like to think we're always inspiring each other, you just have to hone in on your vision and stick to your gut when it comes to the brand. React to the trends, but don't rely on them. But staying on top of our competition or our comrades is very important. I love knowing what other brands are doing. 

What about your career makes you feel the most complete? 

That I get to call Chillhouse mine. Finally getting that level of respect I've work hard for my whole life, haha! 

If you had to trade jobs with anyone else in the world, who would it be and why? 

I mean, a travel photographer has got the life, no? I'd also love to be Chelsea Handler for the day, just to know what it's like. That woman knows how to have a good time. But really, no one. I have the must fulfilling job in the world. 

At what point in your career did you find the confidence to really take charge and become the woman you are today? 

I don't know if that happened overnight. It was a gradual process and one I'm still working on today. I'm still far from being the woman I want to be but I'm getting closer each day. 

"I'm still far from being the woman I want to be but I'm getting closer each day."

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What's the best advice you've ever been given? Or your favorite piece of #realtalk? 

Don't forget to work on your personal brand, no matter who you work for and no matter how much you love your job. You come first, always. 

What song do you sing in the shower when you’ve had a bad day? 

My shower song used to be "Criminal" but it's been a minute since I've belted that one out.